Domain name service provider exposes the industry insider users face layers of traps

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to the registered domain name of Internet users will find a strange thing, I want a very simple and easy to remember domain name query has not been registered, but once when I submit the application for registration when was told that the domain name has been registered. Very frustrating.

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query, some small enrolled agents leave your query records, feel good he registered." Has been engaged in the domain name registration services of Mr. Gao on the Financial Times reporter revealed that he introduced, to achieve this monitoring is easy, as long as the domain name query procedures plus a few lines of code becomes."

, in fact, there are many inside the industry insider. For example, a consumer paid the money to register the domain name, but he may not know the domain name may not really belong to their own. This is like their own money to buy a house, but the name of the property to write the name of others." An industry source to the financial times revealed.

registration trap

some companies or individuals, have already purchased their own domain name, and each year to renew the domain name fee, but in fact the domain name is really belong to their business, perhaps most people do not know.

"if the domain name registrant is not you, then you can be a big trouble." Insiders said Mr. Gao of the "Financial Times", the domain name registration, domain name registration record, which need to pay attention to domain name records must be my own, this is the only evidence of domain ownership.

if the buyer does not pay attention to it, some domain name registrar will fill in their information when registering. If there is a dispute, or domain name registration agents fancy your domain name, then you will not be able to come back, unless you look for agents and spend a high price from the Registrar of the domain name transfer procedures.

, that is to say, if the domain name registration is not their own, so enterprises or individuals to pay bills or renew the domain name after get only a "right to use", if the agent is "not happy", the name of the property can return to the hands of the agent at any time, even if the enterprise and individual to pay an annual fee with the domain name also, "to do the wedding dress for others".

"if the administrator mailbox is not you, there may be trouble in the future." Mr. Gao added, "because the domain name management organization in the registration process of automatic confirmation letter will be sent to the domain name administrator mailbox."


agents use their own information to the domain name registration, Mr. Gao thinks that there are two kinds of reasons: one is that the agents in order to facilitate registration, so the default with their own information to fill in the registration place; the two is to control the user (domain name), because some agents at a very low price to sell the domain name registered in the register, hope the domain name, but also the way to buy their own virtual hosting business, not only to buy the domain name. The use of the information agents after registration, domain name registration can not be arbitrarily set and transfer the domain name, and annual renewals must also be through this agent.


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