The top-level domain name YOUXJ.COM was acquired by the day before

January 2009, from Fujian, Quanzhou, a successful acquisition of electronic entertainment industry top-level domain name

acquisition of enterprises in the electronic entertainment industry for many years, customers throughout the country. The decisive shot acquisition industry domain, indicating its intention to expand the business in the field of Internet position and vision. The relevant person in charge of the acquirer company said, and in the search engine to buy long-term investment game with many competitors ranked keywords, not a one-time investment direct acquisition of domain name, do a thing once and for all. It also said that the site has been in the planning, after a period of time to complete the production line.

One is the senior

domain name domain name investor Hao Peng, since 2000, has succeeded in creating,,,, and many other successful cases, with high visibility in the industry.

both sides did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

industry experts to understand, with reference to the case before the country’s top trade domain name of the case, the amount of the transaction is likely to reach more than three hundred thousand yuan. Taking into account the global financial crisis led to the current downturn in the economic environment, the minimum should not be less than one hundred thousand yuan.

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