Seeking O2O substantive breakthrough, Wanda needs to do what homework

Wanda’s fame as can be imagined, after years of efforts finally for everyone to show the different Wanda O2O, such a perfect fusion, this new experience, such a convenient way of consumption, people immediately make eyes bright, this is Wanda’s own O2O. Wanda O2O have today’s achievements, it is not easily won, can not be overlooked this initiative and start, and dare to bold attempt to new model is inseparable, in the present stage during the operation mode of Wanda O2O is to achieve the desired results. But want to achieve the vision of the future, Wanda’s current status is not enough to qualify for this responsibility, then for the future, Wanda also need to do what homework?

dare to try new business direction. Wanda O2O in fusion resources has a great leap forward, in the O2O framework to build, not what a mature model can be applied, only one side of the development of reference. Wanda O2O soon found a breakthrough in market demand, it is not Wanda lucky, precisely, Wanda innate spirit of adventure, seize market opportunities, give yourself a accurate positioning, let Wanda find new business direction. Wanda to pave the way, in a bold attempt to break the traditional mode, at the same time, the use of online and offline dual complementary use of paichufa, first gave up the thought for mature B2C and B2B mode, but to the relatively weak O2O development, this innovation is to make use of their own resources, to develop according to their own characteristics, is the scientific and rational choice, is the business philosophy and. In short, only the courage to try a new direction, it is possible to get unexpected results, this is not the lack of wanda.

adds new experience to improve service quality. Wanda O2O is an online and offline resources will be a soft, so that customers see the benefits, the rest of the play, and the new experience is from the consumer point of view. Wanda O2O does have a lot of small ideas, these small ideas and people’s lives are closely linked. Take the integration system and coupons two, it is convenient for the customer’s consumer demand, but also greatly enhance the quality of service. But the existing Wanda O2O operation mode or in the exploratory stage of development, although some creative features, compared with the real situation of the Internet business, Wanda O2O can only be said to be pale into insignificance by comparison. In addition, Wanda O2O online and offline consumer still has certain constraints and limitations, this point is still unpredictable, this feature is a stepping stone to it or the stumbling block, after all, still need to rational development.

to do a good job of sharing resources. Wanda O2O is rich, enter the Internet industry in such a way, too much publicity, because it has a huge line traffic as a support, the development of Wanda O2O it seems that unashamedly. Wanda Plaza all over the country, but how to avoid such a waste of resources, which is believed to be Wanda O2O in order to achieve the desired effect of the process, the need to overcome a difficult factor. Wanda

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