Liu Qiangdong didn’t say who was absolutely safe at Jingdong

          recently, the Jingdong set up a public record, the first president of the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong, Liu Qiangdong to entrepreneurs share a vivid management course.

Liu Qiangdong pointed out that a reasonable state of the company should be 20% gold, steel is a $80%. Too much gold is unstable structure, will affect the company’s development, salaries and so on are limited. Cause a lot of gold out of business, have been taken away.

if there are only 1% gold, the management team will have a lot of problems. Often have an accident, if the company’s financial department trouble, people have an accident, the Department of an accident, often the company’s gold accounted for too low class."

Liu Qiangdong said that if executives have left, indicating that the company’s gold too much. 28 rules exist in the world, the talent structure is also 80% of the steel and the gold of 20%, is a relatively stable team structure.

Liu Qiangdong also pointed out that in the management of the Department only allowed one person, in principle, do not welcome any a manager with the original unit person, company is to encourage managers of a person not with me.

"a lot of companies are a department head, with a lot of people in the original department. Waiting for these people to go, and found that these people are gone. This is very terrible, when the loss is also very large, we can not."

Liu Qiangdong said that these practices are to avoid the company Gang emotions, the second is to ensure that the company must have a backup, not because of a senior staff to leave the business paralyzed. "I didn’t say who was absolutely safe in Jingdong."

recent remarks Liu Qiangdong glance:

retail industry scale is always first, when this brand of goods in Chinese volume of sales, we do not want to sell the home to still open a South Korean Jingdong platform on their own store – this is not the economy, they need to understand sales, China. We hope that they will be delivered directly to us in South Korea, which will be shipped to China by Jingdong. Jingdong does not rule out the establishment of overseas logistics. – "Liu Qiangdong: not only to the countryside but also overseas electricity supplier" (Beijing daily April 2nd)

did you agree, the Internet is not really free, people always scold past real estate is huge, black, profits are too high, in fact, BAT net profit is much higher than the old pan, including Zhou Hongyi traditional antivirus software, antivirus software is 66 dollars a free CD, he said, but now old week through free antivirus software to make money much more than in the past all the traditional anti-virus software. – "Liu Qiangdong: BAT net profit higher than real estate" (sina science and technology March 30th)

I think you do not care, if the Internet is not even a negative, you are embarrassed to say

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