11 on the eve of the market value of billions of dollars to abandon their own dressing assistant cho

this paper tries to explain the small business platform business logic in the mobile Internet era to provide a platform of extrusion environment, fragmentation of information explosion environment, a new way of thinking in the small business platform.

double 11 prosperity, hidden sin

Gu Ying cherry do not know how to come up with the courage, seventh years, double the advent of the 11 again.

at the end of September, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a special "Interim Provisions" on goods and services network promotion activity management, clear from the beginning of October 1st, the electricity supplier platform shall not restrict or exclude "focus on promotion operators to participate in other third party trading platform in the network organization platform promotion." But still can not stop the electric secretly war, the line was filled with the smell of gunpowder on the eve of the war, the red envelopes and discounts, desperately to price war, only double 11 day twelve midnight waiting for the arrival of the pilot.

since its inception in 2012, dressing assistant has a 50 million student users, settled in the business of 800, but the founder of dressing assistant Gu Yingying chose this time to abandon them. Repaying nearly half did not meet its own position of business, leaving only the quality of the business, the gradual introduction of new high-quality businesses, but also improve the customer price. Dressing assistant before the customer price of about 100~150 yuan, adjust the positioning and business structure, the customer price will rise to 300~500 yuan. Means that those who are sensitive to the price of the platform’s low loyalty, no doubt will be washed away a lot, but Gu Ying has to do so.


business core, efficiency.

for the integrated platform, through resource centralization, traffic distribution as the core, and the user to buy the match, the fastest solution to the user’s problem. The prosperity of the double 11 is to cover up the problems caused by the madness of the discount, high inventory, high return rate, in order to cope with the financial subsidies and advertising costs paid. 11 will always be just a giant carnival. Followed by the pain of small businesses, after 11 double, the loss is also normal. The electricity supplier is directly down too many to count.

traffic distribution, the fastest way to solve the business and user docking, is still efficient.

Internet world, hand traffic, you can win. The dressing assistant chose this particular node. It is based on a clearer picture of the user, locked in the new white-collar body. Wash away the unreal user. The Internet world is never short of such users, these users only care about which platform cheap loyalty is very low, the short term will form a false prosperity, as time passes for the platform is warm boiled frog.

flow distribution: first, business logic (internal state will have a business quality rating standard); second, the status of goods (new period, selling, clearing period); third, popular situation. No >

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