Thinking of ten how do bring you a shopping spree

eleven not long past, twelve again. As a bystander is difficult to imagine in the Chinese electricity supplier, an enterprise can be discounted as a holiday, and thus lead the industry to follow suit. Although twelve market scale is not large, but a Chinese ten can be said that the entire electricity supplier of the most exciting day, not only is Taobao, Tmall, and Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning and so on, you can think of the business platform is promotional, such event is really very rare.

but the layman watches, insiders look at doorways. The same is consumer promotions, discounts tide is not the only one doing Ali, why only its own success, while other enterprises can only serve as a foil? Imagine even when they are added to the discount camp, when consumers mentioned a ten they will think Ali first, this is the true meaning of Internet products, when you really know how to do a product, you can really say they understand the Internet actual operating experience, then the "ten" successful cases give us what


Internet brand building requires a certain foundation, the core elements should be gradually integrated into the environment

a good development soil is essential for Internet brand building, although Ali has a huge influence, but the establishment of ten basic environment depends on the development, it is time to grasp the user population and consumption. In fact, in November of each year -12 month itself is a sales season, this is because in the season and at the end of the year, generally want to buy new things, in the face of an invisible and may erupt at any time of the consumption demand, A Li to do is how to better stimulate their centripetal force. Secondly, in addition to the consumer demand, consumers online shopping habits mature is also an important starting point, with the infiltration of business platform for everyone’s life, to buy things on the Internet has become a mainstream consumption patterns, the more things you buy will know how to choose to buy their own products in the network, the two can be said directly promotes the rise of ten shopping festival.

In fact, the Internet is not the product of

, must use the idea to escort the exquisite beyond compare, the development of appropriate soil in my opinion is more important. This is a prerequisite and foundation to carry on, like planting crops, it is suitable for the climate in the south, you must survive in the north, unless you change the environment, or the survival of the gene. Ten Shopping Festival is the case, the rise of millet, unfamiliar street, hammer is not derived from this foundation? Not a suitable living environment, you do better only cannot clap with one hand.

trust is a sensitive part of the Internet brand building, it must not be overdrawn can not discount

now I remember MA in the outgoing CEO said that sentence, Ali has today’s achievements, in the final analysis, or because of the trust two words. In fact, in the Internet to do the product, regardless of the success or failure of the final guidance is derived from the trust. It is the source and foundation of development, if not

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