The opening machine 3 hours why 100 thousand units sold millet success

18 am, millet mobile phone is on sale, just 3 hours, December online sales 100 thousand inventory is sold out. During the period of millet official purchase page to a standstill, all kinds of error, I helped a friend to buy, also in his column, helpless, even a little, still failed to order the morning boot display inventory in December of 100 thousand units have been sold, but also regret, the domestic millet can win the favor of this message fortunately. One day, when you open the SNS or micro-blog, you will find a lot of digital natives and fashion will Master in enthusiastic expression for such a look of electronic products. Millet mobile phone industry as a "new" is a grassroots marketing A new force suddenly rises., victory. So we have to ask, why millet


            map: millet mobile phone opening for 3 hours, one hundred thousand units sold


      "successful event busi marketing


hunger marketing strategy. From the beginning of the end of June this year to August 16th and internal suppliers bid, the key information formally, the mystery of the millet mobile phone was a little bit opened, caused a lot of speculation, and quickly detonated has become a hot topic today, more people questioned millet 3 hours one hundred thousand units sold in the manufacture of another gimmick. But in any case, from the cognitive point of view, it is successful.

with "God" as Jobs slowly out of sight, from the simple style of domestic rare luxury team, and almost identical Apple suppliers, apple PPT speech, even in Lei Jun millet mobile phone conference wearing black T-shirt and jeans, gives people strong hints and determination of millet. The grand hall, a huge projection screen, no host, no show, only the chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet, 1.5 hours of lectures. When all the spotlight focused on wearing a black T-shirt and jeans speaker, present without feeling, millet mobile phone conference is Jobs Chinese version of Apple’s new products promotion. Lei Conference on the spot fell, but pocketed the eye. There has never been a domestic mobile phone attention will be so high, Baidu index has more than 100 thousand. The highest iPhone4 index is only about 100 thousand. So, from the perspective of marketing awareness, millet beyond the iPhone4 is not too much. The country’s more well-known based on Android’s smartphone M9 and Lenovo’s music phone, two of the highest index did not exceed 20 thousand. In the traditional channel and Bash advertising is not necessarily a good interaction effect, as well as on the Internet that deep dug Meng, saving investment, greatly improve the output ratio.


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