Jingdong mall set up within the project team intends to establish third party open platform

sina science and technology news June 3rd afternoon news, sources revealed to Sina Technology, Jingdong mall intends to establish third party open platform. The project team is responsible for Liu Shuang, assistant president of Jingdong mall strategy. Xu Lei, vice president of Jingdong mall, said Jingdong has been working on the third party platform, there is no detailed program can be announced.

source close to Sina said the Jingdong mall is preparing for third parties to build an open platform, has set up a project team responsible for the Jingdong president Liu Shuang’s strategic power mall.

the source said, Jingdong mall third party platform on the one hand, in order to open up the Jingdong’s e-commerce (electricity supplier channel) order fulfillment capabilities for more of the third party business services. On the one hand is to cope with competition from other giants. Jingdong third party platform is likely similar to the U.S. Amazon model."

said Jingdong vice president Xu Lei told Sina mall technology connection, "Jingdong did in the study of third party platform thing, because this is a long-term project, there is no detailed plan can be released."

familiar with Jingdong mall, said Jingdong mall open third party platform is a matter of time and time, although the current flagship Jingdong 3C products, but has been introduced into the department store products. Although the proportion of the turnover of the department store is very small, but this is considered to be an open platform for the operation of the third Jingdong mall accumulated experience. (Jin Jilei)

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