Giant electricity providers have to go to the countryside to start a new rural enclosure movement

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in Huoxian Suning store

is located in the southeast of Tongzhou Huoxian, the intersection point is located in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei two cities of a province. The past two years, this has more than two thousand years of history of the ancient city of Beijing was listed as the planning and construction of small towns and pilot towns.

however, even in the most bustling commercial street Huoxian, far from the people can feel the business atmosphere here and 39 kilometers outside the city of Beijing.

and in the first service station in Beijing falls here.

two-dimensional code out of the sample into a double cylinder washing machine burst

is the most eye-catching Valley Mart shopping plaza only two floors, along the street, treasure island glasses, Lining Tian teacher guests are not much Braised pork in brown sauce. In a Deshang,’s Web site was printed in a shop on the head. Service station door, two huge pieces of genuine cheap, save worry "advertising for the empty street to add a warm atmosphere. This is the town’s core business district, next to the town government." Staff told the Beijing morning news reporter.

in the first tier cities, electricity providers have been filled with people’s lives, but here, there are a large group of users waiting to be tapped. Suning decided to go to the countryside in this spring tide.

Beijing morning news reporter saw in the service station, the store of goods mainly to the two-dimensional code sample, 60 square meters of the store, 17 TV screen scrolling display of goods, in addition to home appliances, and daily necessities, such as rice grain. Under normal circumstances, a set of 8 products, every 30 seconds for a change, you can conduct a sample of nearly 200 main products.

Double cylinder washing machine

in the city store is already extinct "blast" here, price less than 800 yuan; can standby 35 days of NOKIA mobile phone as long as 139 yuan, sales of products have a physical display. Of course, there are also iPhone 6 and the door refrigerator, attracting young consumers.

took the customer to the service station on the net to earn 10 thousand yuan a day

used to be home appliance stores in Tongzhou, after the service station is particularly convenient." Air conditioning is a big uncle told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, he lived in the vicinity, this is the third time to buy before charging treasure and rice cooker. A kind of air conditioner prototype store is not much, the staff took out PAD, let uncle pick on’s website. You can order online, the goods sent directly to the home."

Wang Lei to Suning before working in Yanqing for 3 years as a college student village, is now responsible for the expansion of new channels in Beijing, when the former village official, an important job is literacy, education." He told reporters, compared to urban areas, some villages and towns cultural level is still very low, so in the service station to the customer how to online shopping, online shopping, how to avoid the risk of telecommunications fraud, but also is an important work of the staff.

shop assistants also

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