The first generation of luxury electricity supplier why not



accidentally stepped into the luxury door, often someone asked: the luxury business is difficult to do, before the batch is dying, what you can do? Because the problem is too much to ask, simply put their own idea of finishing down, do a complete answer.

what is the first generation of luxury electricity supplier

here I am referring to the first generation of the luxury goods business is 2008, after the economic crisis of the group, is still in the Web as the core of the business, including excellent public network, Huha network, Fifth Avenue, network, Luxuries treasures network, and so on, share network almost 20~30.


, transformation of the main domestic brand Weihuo a big success, but can not count the luxury business, Huha network has been closed down, others around Luxuries differentiation, such as network transformation down light luxury, to move closer to the Topshop, excellent public network to the 2, 3 line city opened the line the store, compared to other Internet industry, most live very difficult, that is why? We look at the core business model ", this generation of electricity from overseas agents to purchase cheap imports, Chinese, a web site, put up sell", this business model is essentially "buy low and sell high" commercial. This logic and traditional store is the same, which is different from the place of sale will be replaced by the website only stores.

these traditional mode of Internet electricity supplier, in today’s view, there are a series of problems is not around the past.

problem 1: "shelf"

this generation of electricity providers, almost without exception, with the electricity supplier Taobao web design standards, will be a commodity put out, I personally love call this model as "shelf mode", I always feel that the scene is more like the supermarket search, suitable for men and daily necessities, luxury electric providers have to do so, it is against the core scene of women users buy luxury goods: the drive of desire. What is the desire to drive, "you come from the stars" is a broadcast, everyone scrambling to buy the star the same paragraph; Chanel is visiting the store, display and atmosphere deeply touched and pockets; is the blogger energy-saving on micro-blog pictures show. No desire to drive, just shelf display, the user’s conversion rate must be very low.

luxury electric providers, really need to learn how to "stimulate the desire for shopping, to impress users from the heart, as users shopping in stores as magnificent, because of love, so single. The success of luxury electric providers, such as Gilt, through the visual design is excellent with very low price flash sale success, stimulate the desire to buy, is a luxury flash sales business model, such as Fancy, recommended products through the extremely excellent editing, showing the magnificent shopping wall, a key purchase. These successful luxury electricity supplier, have done a little, is to stimulate the desire to buy.

problem two: inventory


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