Taobao or the introduction of a single store will be able to get rid of the graphics search brush

January 25th news, it is learned that Taobao will adjust the station search algorithm, graphics search technology has been upgraded. The search technology includes five indicators: the main map click rate, commodity residence time, the rate of loss of goods, the baby’s collection, as well as the number of shopping cart. We can see that no number of sales and praise baby five indicators, past Taobao disaster caused by flooding water scalping, many shops have a single brush. Of course, the main sales and the amount of praise baby brush, brush behind the chain of black interests, Navy or brush single large team responsible for a single brush. Scalping is not only to deceive consumers, but also undermine the fairness of the principles of the Taobao ecosystem.


Taobao search ranking mechanism

to the number of sales and praise to sort, apparently has been very unfair, and Taobao search is very important station. Almost all of the online shopping users are searching through the station to find the goods, so the significance of Taobao station sort. The natural flow of the store is very important, and the cost of the investment can be ignored, and now the cost of operating a Taobao store to upgrade. Mainly to promote the cost and supply costs, especially many Taobao owners do not know how to promote. Can only employ other people to promote the baby, invisible increased a lot of money. By setting the title keywords, description of the content to get a natural ranking, it can be said to be the most direct and effective way to promote.

Why should the

manager crazy brush single

Taobao scalping phenomenon behind, is a vicious cycle, through sales, praise stimulate real sales, this approach is more effective. So in order to sales and profits, many shops choose to rush into danger, joined a large brush single team. If their competitors are in the brush sales and praise, and they do not have a single brush, then they will feel the loss. However, a single brush is addictive poison, may have some effect in the short term, but in the long run, scalping is purely a consumer fraud, will allow the customer to store products and gradually lose confidence.

sorting mechanism should be more humane

Taobao search inside the station must take into account the user’s factors, such as: the user’s time on the page, the user visited the same page several times, etc.. At present, it is still difficult to completely eliminate the official Taobao technical means single brush phenomenon, but if sales and praise has no longer affect the sort of baby, then brush the number of stores will be reduced accordingly. Since the brush is a great harm, as Taobao platform, it should try to crack down on this phenomenon. Otherwise, scalping and fakes will always be a fatal injury to Taobao, the user of deception, and ultimately make their reputation worse.

Taobao to adjust the search algorithm, the long-term spread of the single brush phenomenon, how much can play the effect. Now can only be speculation, no matter how, Taobao to allow consumers to see the official attitude, perhaps in order to get more understanding and support of consumers. The >

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