7 questions can buy China read Amazon direct mail.

[editor’s note] yesterday, Amazon settled in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Chinese consumers will be able to buy the Amazon amazon.com (American) products, the news sparked widespread concern. For a time, American goods can direct mail China ", no longer have to look for purchasing and other remarks widely circulated. It is for China consumers how much? A senior import electricity supplier who explained the mystery to billion state power network.

The following is

billion state power network and the senior people dialogue:

import electricity supplier

: the United States and the state power grid Amazon Amazon Chinese the difference? Why do so many people love to buy American goods Amazon


senior import electricity supplier: Amazon is an American e-commerce company, Amazon America (hereinafter referred to as the Maya) is mainly for American consumers, can be counted as the Amazon station. Amazon in countries other than the United States take the localization operation strategy, in the global mainstream countries have independent websites such as Amazon, Amazon Japan amazon.co.jp, Germany www.amazon.de, Amazon amazon.co.uk and Amazon amazon.cn China etc..

as a result of the Amazon countries are targeted at the site of the country’s consumers, so the products on the Amazon site in the species, the style is different. Even the same goods, the import tariffs, the logistics cost of different brands, differences in pricing system of different countries and many other reasons, countries in the Amazon on the site of the price will be different, even very different.

popular point of view, on the one hand, Chinese consumers can buy a lot of products in the United States do not sell in China, such as the U.S. version of Nike shoes, many overseas brands of milk powder. On the other hand, the same goods, the price in the United States and Asia may also be a lot cheaper than the domestic price, such as clothing, bags of senior American brands often sold only Chinese 2-3 fold, mostly American cosmetics price of less than 50 percent off Chinese. There is, we control for the quality of products than the domestic electricity supplier will be good.

billion state power network: Amazon direct mail China means what


senior import electricity supplier: in the past, Asia does not support delivery to Chinese address. So Chinese consumers to buy goods AIU must first let the AIU goods sent to a support distribution area, and then he would forward returning merchandise.

used to China consumers mainly through three ways to buy AIU goods:

first, direct orders in Asia, then find their own transport company sent home, but this is the way to the consumers of higher quality, including English have a understand, dual currency credit card, understand the transport process etc..

second, commissioned in the United States in Asia on purchasing shopping, and then sent home by purchasing. Collect a certain amount

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