Do you know Tmall’s box the three secret weapon Free movies and TV series

many people are Tmall’s box of powerful hardware, and stylish and beautiful to attract, start with the classic TV box. However, if we want to break the box, also need to spend a little time to learn, this is the editor of long-term use of Tmall’s box work summary.

can be said that with these three secret weapons, truly understand the Tmall box, play its real value.


first point: install third party live application, watch live tv.

want to see HD, smooth, massive live Taiwan, then, the sofa is an essential tool for butler.

sofa Butler installation package "sofa Butler installation package.Apk


second: install third party application free movies, you only need to install the sofa housekeeper, you can download a lot of video software, the sofa housekeeper client all kinds of large television dramas, variety, free.


third: Tmall exclusive box maintenance tips, make the box life doubled.

1, Tmall in the box around, do not put the fish, a flowerpot with water vapor, moisture they emanate will accelerate the aging of the box into the city, shorten the service life of the box.

2, in order to enhance the cooling function of the box, usually placed in a ventilated place, do not let too much debris around, you can add a small fan and other peripheral devices in the summer.

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