Personalized products for small electricity providers in a competitive environment to survive

twentieth Century is the industrial century, the Internet is the century of twenty-first Century, perhaps this proposition has been gradually accepted and recognized by all walks of life. And the people in the Internet fishing gold is currently used in a wide range of ways is to sell their products through e-commerce and profitability, a wide range of concepts in terms of the characteristics of the O2O model is now very popular. Electricity supplier giant Ma said many years ago, in twenty-first Century do not do not have e-commerce business can be; in fact, I think he said very reasonable. It is best to prove that the fact that this proposition is that more and more traditional companies began their own e-commerce operations and some small businesses began to specialize in e-commerce services.

although e-commerce is a nugget point is a no doubt proposition. But with every corner of the electronic commerce are giants occupy, small business small electricity supplier in the way? Generally speaking C2C mode are occupied by Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other B2C mode is occupied; some vertical industries, such as cosmetics giant is so occupied, etc.; can be said that as long as a lot of people can think of fields have been fully occupied.

a lot of transition from the traditional enterprise e-commerce activities, those managers only know that e-commerce is a trend, is the lifeline of their own business this general proposition, but they don’t know what to do, see people doing well on the mode blindly imitate others. Are large in the course of the actual operation of the difference between knowing the different industries, the pattern and the details are not universal, many traditional companies have not all understand these basic things, so in the end only with broken halberds defeat.

the reason why I write these things to share with you, because of the author’s personal experience, but also can be said to be feeling. Now I work for a company is to do personalized photo books, this product is a personality, not many giant dead cake. So I think we have to stick to your own style, do e-commerce also want to own product that has its own characteristics, the main provider of this industry is relying on the giant NetEase impressionist, traditional production enterprise transformation to 69DIY. Individual as a number of small enterprises into e-commerce Pioneer have inherent advantages, because the giant is strong, but they are surrounded by the enemy, they can not take into account any one point, they are doing a plane. So for the mastery of one point small enterprises it is almost the only advantage compared with giants because they had no money, not so much not very good planning, human; but they know their products and their products have ambiguous feelings, they are really hard to do their own the product.

I think personalized products can support several factors of small business survival in a highly competitive environment: first, individual products only a relatively small number of enterprises involved, even if the giants "invasion", for they truly understand these individual goods than has focused on making this product for small businesses; second, now "

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