Tianfu data port

Micro System Co., Ltd. [Chi Microsystems Inc] is an Internet based data services business, and is committed to business e-commerce, e-government information integration service providers. As a professional provider of e-commerce solutions, based on the development of China’s national information industry, and actively develop relevant advanced technology and products, is committed to the promotion and management of e-commerce in china.

company’s brand service website: Tianfu data port, ocean data, Jinjiang online, 1G network drives, Baidu, Chinese Tianfu server network and 71MAIL, and achieved a very high reputation in the industry and customers.

Telecom virtual host

data port [WWW.TFIDC.COM] Tianfu famous western enterprise information platform, brand localization quality of professional services, five years more than 3000 enterprises to provide all kinds of service experience, safety, high speed, stable, 24 hour customer service service, virtual host, real-time real-time opening force, autonomous control, and provide a 7 day free trial, satisfaction pay, hosting an unconditional refund within 30 days. Welcome your selection and trial data provided by the Hong Kong Tianfu brand service!

With the rapid development of marine

data [WWW.DataSea.CN] Chinese China economy, more and more enterprises and products to enhance the international competitive ability, how to quickly enter the international market into the world economic cycle has become a pressing matter of the moment for the survival and development of enterprises, and the INTERNET information highway is China for enterprises to provide a hitherto unknown opportunities.

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