What is electronic commerce

In fact,

e-commerce this thing can be said to be in a foreign country started very early popular, while in China, I know a lot of people or that many businesses are not very understanding, we will explain what is the electronic commerce.

I want to

just started to contact the electronic commerce of the people, will understand some errors, such as some people would feel that e-commerce is actually making money online chant, ask a specific product is released to the Internet, and waiting for others to buy, to discover, to Taobao. In fact, this misunderstanding is why many companies do not want to put money into a reason to e-commerce, according to this understanding, they do not feel what effect, so many people will have the following questions:

Internet is like a vast expanse of water, how can people buy my goods?

if you want to make money trading, through the Internet, virtual space, safe, if I was cheated of money do? Do not do better on television ads, and solid and effective, good investment, e-commerce, with the same as it is not okay to hold, in a there are many people feel that the computer is not particularly familiar with, so you will feel it is difficult to do.

to these problems above and so on, I also saw a lot of people have asked, but we consider that it is the information age, if not, do not make money, how can we become represent the general trend? I admit that the network is indeed a lot of unsafe factors, but do not beat, after all, there are many preventive measures, such as the real name authentication and so on, as long as you don’t want to do for the road to fortune, will not be easily deceived, one is relative to the television media advertising, Internet advertising can be said to offer lower coverage scope, and targeted will be stronger.

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