Network network Wine review hand in hand pushing Chinese Wine Festival fans detonated high point

[introduction] according to relevant sources, the future Wine commentary "wine and network or jointly launched the" training plan "users, the main content of different customs, different areas of the fine wine combination manor and peripheral ecological business expansion, such as China winery tour, custom wine packaging user rights activities, let us wait and see.

recently, with September 19th approaching, the user of the music as "fans Festival ecological big promotion more and more attention. As the year 2015 explosive and the attention of Internet events, ecological interests music as ecological systems under the various business segments are to provide attractive to exhaust all the skills of music.

music as holding its Wine business unit network network, in addition to Australia and Wine giant Fuyi (TWE)’s Penfolds Penfolds, Pernod Ricard (PernodRicard) Chivas’s 12 years, Chile stem (Concha y Toro) dew winery "red devil" (Casillero del Diablo) cooperation, also joined the most authoritative the Wine magazine "Wine review", launched the "Chinese outstanding Wine zone, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Chinese to Shanxi and Hebei in different areas, different customs, different taste boutique winery wine back to the user.

network network jointly launched the "China Wine" comment "wine" area

teamed up with the wine Bible "Wine Review" to launch the Chinese wine area

reporter learned that, "Wine Review" is "La Revue Du de France" (RVF) in the Chinese version, known as the wine bible". "Wine review" in the French version of the style, spirit and professional standards, tailored localization content, since the publication has been highly respected. Wine Review has been successfully held for four consecutive years RVF China excellent wine Award for the year, aimed at the Chinese boutique winery wine pushed to the world.


network network jointly launched the "Wine" review "Chinese wine" area, the selection of 2015 outstanding China Wine annual award winning products, from the quality, taste and other aspects of providing professional endorsement. Which contains a number of well-known boutique wineries such as Wine, Tessar’s days of plug collection Wine Chardonnay Dry White 2013, silver heights family collection etc.. These areas Chinese from classic winery wine, not only to ensure that the production of excellent local performance, more from the price has the absolute advantage. These wines, through the "Wine review" authoritative selection, defines the position of Chinese boutique winery wine in the world Wine industry.

network network launched the "Chinese wine" area, is on the contest perfect ending, really make excellent domestic Wine breakthrough industry circle, walked to the front of the consumer. It is reported that the Chinese wine area has been open to buy, and get the praise of wine wine boutique recognition and sought after, quickly detonated 919 Music >

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