Book Hui Taobao shop – flow to enhance the five wrong thinking logic

the past two years, Taobao opened a new shop number rising rapidly, a large number of carries the dream of novice sellers in Taobao registered shop, staring at several IP flow pitiful and worry every day. He began to search their own sentiment, apparently found a feasible way of raising traffic, not knowing has entered the flow to improve the trap of


1, Taobao shop misunderstanding: shop baby release more, was found to be more likely to bring more traffic.

The more products released by

, the more it will appear in Taobao search results, it will bring more traffic. More than 99% new Taobao shop, will be in the wrong thinking that long walk this road very long, even yuanwanglu had not gone had unjustly. At Taobao, a large number of the following 1 drill shop, the amount of baby is amazing! On the contrary, in some very good sales, the golden crown, team operation of the shops, but also the number of baby baby novice shop number of 1/10, one percent.

2, Taobao shop misunderstanding: the same series of similar product release, the more evenly distributed on the shelf time, it will bring more traffic.

part of Taobao novice sellers because there is no adequate supply, but also want to release more baby, so there are more opportunities to be found. So a product has 20 kinds of similar patterns (repeat distribution does not violate the management rules), in his shop became the 20 products. The result is that, at first, a few orders. 1 months later, found that these products are getting lower and lower, selling more and more poor, almost zero sales. For example, in April this year, the listing of Ivod bags, more and more new, more and more low sales; many people optimistic about, but actually sell very little.

3, Taobao shop error three: the same series of similar products released in multiple similar categories, will bring more traffic.

with a series of products released several related categories (categories and release rules of playing edge ball, poor) can be found to my baby in more than one category so. This is one of the most easy to make mistakes Taobao novice sellers. For each category, there are a lot of, has been a strong competitor for a long time, a novice buyers just released a product, can get good rankings? No good rankings, and who will not eat. Take a few days to sit at the computer and went to find in 200 thousand after the baby. On the contrary, buy? Same series of similar products released a number of categories, the results are most likely to have a few days later, the baby was found a large number of Taobao to put in the wrong category on the grounds of the shelf.

4, Taobao shop misunderstanding four: buyers are through the search to the baby into the shop, the shop home decoration and flow does not matter.

buyers are through the search to the baby into the shop, there are few real buyers through the home page to enter the shop, so the shop home decoration, no help to improve traffic. There is this idea of Taobao novice sellers, basically all with >

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