Jingdong vice president of Jiangchuan wireless online shopping experience will be more intelligent,

April 28, 2015, the global mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) held in Beijing. Jingdong vice president of research and development of wireless products in Jiangchuan mobile marketing forum pointed out that at present, the rapid development of mobile providers, mobile online shopping in China online retail market in the proportion continues to rise, as the largest Internet retailer self Chinese, Jingdong will rely on big data and other advantages, continue to force the wireless service, to provide users with more personalized and intelligent and more precise mobile online shopping experience.

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN), in recent years, along with the popularity of mobile phones and other hardware devices and networks, mobile shopping more popular. Data show that in 2014, China’s electricity supplier in the retail market, the proportion of mobile shopping has reached 30%, and is still growing. Jingdong mall, for example, it has completed the mobile client, WeChat shopping, mobile QQ shopping and micro store layout of four carriages, while promoting the channel sink, and further tap the demand for online shopping from 3 to 6 lines of the city. The fourth quarter of 2014, the proportion of mobile terminal orders have reached 36%, an increase of 372%. Jiangchuan said that the biggest feature of the wireless Internet shopping is a personalized, intelligent era of big data. With the end of PC ratio, the consumption data of wireless online shopping can get richer user capacity, through data analysis and data mining, according to each user’s preference, price sensitivity, purchasing power and other labels, to achieve accurate portrait, effectively establish the connection between users and goods store, realize the thousand faces personalized shopping guide recommend, collocation and similar goods, further tap the potential demand for online shopping, providing convenient and efficient wireless online shopping experience for mobile phone users.

at the same time, wireless online shopping at the user end also showed a completely different from the PC end of the trend, users can make better use of fragmented time, such as the use of wireless users online shopping occurs mostly in non working time, before 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. after the period of high order is mobile. In addition, through the wireless and PC side of the online shopping behavior research also found that the higher the frequency of mobile Internet users, and the relative concentration of consumer categories. Jingdong data show that the user’s wireless 46% lower than the single side of the PC, while the daily consumption contribution value increased by PC. Data from the first quarter of 2015, small appliances, such as the end of the wireless category of cosmetics and other rapid growth, some categories, such as maternal and child, the proportion of orders in the wireless terminal has exceeded the average level of the station.

for a long time, Jingdong has been sparing no effort to layout wireless business, for the seller, to create more value for users. Jiangchuan said that the future, Jingdong will accumulate in the core advantage of big data and precise user based, relying on a strong financial products tools, users and proprietary businesses, third party sellers, micro shop scene connected together to provide users with a more intelligent and personalized wireless online shopping experience. Relying on the sharing and exchange of goods to help consumers make shopping decisions, and gradually form a prototype of social electricity supplier. By then, consumers buy goods through sharing can facilitate other users into

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