Wu Bo Based on the definition of Meijiale famous sale O2O


Meijiale: Based on the famous sale of O2O


technology news April 12th morning news, from the handle network founder Wu Bo comeback entrepreneurs have a month’s time, while the outside has not see the specific practice of North American music today, Wu waves are more clearly defined, namely the line under the name product sale.

, according to Wu Bo, "you", "online", "sale" is the North American music attribute three labels, product positioning for sale on this platform in the high-end, mainly and brand cooperation design sense, Wu hopes to use the "high quality, low wave price. Convenient online replacement service" to win back.

It is reported that the first batch of

, in cooperation with the North American music brand in addition to the Amoy brand, department store and other online brands, as well as "navel navel" and "POP MART" generation line tide brand. These brands will achieve cooperation in the United States music website to the famous sale form of sales.

"this will offset the problems caused by the lack of display line stores limited area, increasing the number of consumers can buy goods, the goods can increase sales coverage, at the same time, through the integration of online and offline, will be on the line of stores people play a significant role in promoting." Wu Bo said.

Wu Bo believes that Canada music can not only help the Internet online brand extension "landing" to the next line, can also help the traditional retail brand and market clearing inventory, and with the online channel promotion led to the increase of the number of users, so as to realize the continuous expansion of the scale of sales.

In addition

, "navel navel" and "POP MART" and other businesses through the POS Canada music platform before the end of the year to completely open up online shops, stores, so that consumers at any time and at any place, can be freely through the website or mobile phone stores, shopping.

is currently the North American Music (www.meijiale.com) official website has today officially open to consumers, the first mall cooperation will start from the northwest region of Lanzhou. Wu Bo said, the three or four line of the city as a starting point, the main reason lies in the city of these areas in the process to accelerate, contains more opportunities, it is leveraging this O2O retail outlet revolution.

Wu Bo is expected, with the expansion and layout accelerate, Canada music will cover major city of the country by the end of this year. At the same time, the North American music also plans in late May or early June, a number of articles design brand cooperation, hold a how to use O2O to quickly build the brand’s unique show. (Cui Xi)

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