Electricity supplier get used to the car is a blessing or a curse Profit model will vary

, according to incomplete statistics, only in the Beijing second-hand car market, everyone has gathered in the car, car market, car easy to sell, 58 snapshots, Zhuo Jiehang, to open a new second-hand car, a good car safely, second-hand car, family car, good car free, excellent car Eslite, second-hand car set treasure, excellent letter 1 hand car, car etc. more than and 10 second-hand car electricity supplier, the electricity supplier platform or individual (C2C) is engaged in second-hand car trading, or businesses and individuals (B2C) second-hand car trading, second-hand car business has become the second-hand car market, a spoiler in the country.

traditional used car model challenges

latest statistics show that the first half of the country’s total second-hand car transactions 4 million 610 thousand, an increase of 5.79%, higher than the new car sales rose by an increase of 1.43%. Some market participants believe that, in accordance with international practice, the new car sales market reversed, it is time to use the force of second-hand cars.

from the beginning of the year, a number of second-hand car electricity supplier focused on the use of different cities in the country’s second-hand car market layout will be dispatched to attack. A second-hand car in Linghai used car business for many years, said the car, this year does feel the pressure, and now the car has been more and more difficult. Many young consumers are more willing to buy second-hand car electricity supplier.

with strong capital, second-hand car business is the introduction of various subsidies, to attract more consumers to use the second-hand car trading platform, these measures include: lower commission, launched a certification of second-hand car warranty and customer service, to provide 7 days unconditional commitment to return the car, some electricity providers launched the brand second-hand car, with a strong capital investment to start, the second-hand car brand sales, these measures allow in the traditional second-hand car businesses are under pressure.

electricity supplier line business is not smooth enough

however, second-hand car business is still referred to as "harass the people and waste money". The owners to sell a car, often need to receive several batches of platform evaluation, upload to multiple platforms, for many buyers to see a car on the spot; and people buy a car like vehicle, often have to go to different places to see. Reporters learned that some owners have received the 6 batch of most people look at cars, most people have seen a car 5 car, greatly affected the second-hand car business turnover rate.

not only that, due to the current domestic transfer formalities, to actually buy a car or car, to experience a relatively long period, evaluation of upload, car, transfer and so on, some places for the transfer to the buyers and sellers also arrived at the scene, often requires two working days for the transfer, these not only make electricity supplier by car complicated. And to the electricity supplier operating virtually increase transaction costs, has become the main obstacle to the rapid expansion of the electricity supplier.

some of the traditional second-hand car operators believe that second-hand car "vehicle condition", is the second-hand car electricity supplier development will not only simplify the process so Everything is going smoothly., constantly improve the turnover rate, in order to get promoted in the consumer satisfaction, and enlarge the market.


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