35 billion to see what the awakening of traditional enterprises

35 billion has become a hot topic, especially the traditional enterprises, the year 19 billion 100 million has poked the traditional enterprise’s nerves, this time, nearly double the consumption growth, so that the traditional enterprise e-commerce won’t sniff at.

just a short while ago, Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi, when talking about the future trend of reflection, said the past is the magic weapon to win the past, and now the era of play changed, cheap may not work. "If in the past, the light to do fine and meticulous business, is not enough. In the past Lenovo the ability, you do what I do, my cost is lower than you, this is our advantage. You can’t stop the new routine. You have to shoot the gun again, people get a missile, you can play it?

According to the predicted

topped the sales charts of millet, still let the traditional idea of struggling entrepreneurs realize e-commerce forces that cannot be ignored. It is observed that three consecutive years of double – 11, although only one day a year, but the sales of the day but that a lot of problems. For example, in 2011, Tmall double eleven sold in 2012, double the sudden surge of 11 to $19 billion 100 million, which contributed greatly to the new category of incremental, but in fact this year, Tmall’s sales rose sharply, but also from the root of this. Similarly, in 2013 the growth of new categories, but also shows that the new category is a barometer of the entire electricity supplier territory expansion.

The Tmall

dual 11 store sales of the top three are novice: millet, Kuo Hua life insurance and fund. Visible, the new category once the market opened up how much power. In particular, cars, real estate and funds such industries, has exceeded the scope of retail, Tmall if you can eat, it will be much of a market. In this regard, the traditional enterprise should wake up it is to be eaten, or to self-reliance?

from the results of the double 11, we can see the benefits of e-commerce:

transparent data information. Because the electronic commerce based on the Internet, all the information, including personal products, transactions are to be included into the network structure, each data record, clear information distribution and traditional industry data block split cut case obviously has advantages.

intuitive controllable scenes. Ali has a headquarters data wall, change the daily trading volume can be displayed with the minimum error, the business is like a battlefield, when the "general" to fully understand the situation, so this is not necessary? With the traditional business concept of electronic commerce is the biggest advantage compared to control the scene, well.

easy to create a shopping spree. The traditional business model depends on the store location, store size, store layout, storage capacity, and it is difficult to create large shopping feast together to create a possible network without the limits of space and time can create a one-day myth, this is the traditional enterprise to surpass.

is becoming more and more popular with online shopping

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