The challenge of Alibaba a new opportunity for e-commerce

challenge Alibaba, e-commerce has been a hot topic in the circle.

in recent years, millions of people in the study and practice, and pondering, however, under many challenges, the Alibaba still in one day and become a super huge monster, and has already become synonymous with e-commerce.

financial crisis has further promoted the prosperity of e-commerce, Alibaba also benefited a lot, but the opportunities and risks associated with. With the increase of network, e-commerce market is facing profound changes in development, to serve as the core of the whole electronic commerce 2 rising.

in fact, Alibaba has come to this unique situation today, more is due to the basic services of the Internet, it is hard to say is the victory of the B2B model. It can be said that Alibaba is the foundation of the Internet application started.

more core point of view, Alibaba B2B model is the information platform model, with the platform can gather more people. But from the business model point of view, the Alibaba is a typical sales oriented company, the sales staff in the sales will not introduce Alibaba B2B platform is what kind of platform, but stressed that the Alibaba is an intermediary, the intermediary can bring order, bring customers to the user.

sales oriented information platform B2B model, Alibaba’s most successful is its size effect.

shortly before a number of e-commerce exchanges, we also believe that the information type of e-commerce threshold is low, the model is easily copied by competitors. A new type of e-commerce, e-commerce 2, one of the major characteristics of the real business relationship is highly virtualized, chain collaboration model will become the main business behind the scenes.

model of e-commerce should be a comprehensive new platform for both the functions of sales, customer management, logistics distribution, marketing management, its impact on the business level is not limited to online orders. From the evolution of electronic commerce, the original is the same root growth, now B2C in the "B" facing from the price advantage, to enhance the advantages of problem management. Price advantage will be more from the integration of production and marketing, e-commerce platform and other players to control. More B, how to run the network marketing, play features, to enhance rapid response capacity management is the foundation?.

therefore, e-commerce services extend from enterprise management software, can realize the close integration of enterprise internal management system and e-commerce system, so enterprises can realize the employees and between employees, between employees and customers, supplier collaborative.

China B2B Research Center Peng Huan believes that B2B 2 will really do the transaction online, so that buyers and sellers to quickly match the success of truly efficient procurement and efficient business promotion. The future of B2B 3, B2B 4 is expected to become a set of pre Market Research and analysis, trading >

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