.Asia entered the public pre registration nets half enclosure

days ago, reporters from the Chinese civilink was informed, originally scheduled for the end of January 15th.Asia trademark registration period until January 31st, before the.A-sia domain name registration business registration will win more time, but this does not prevent the majority of Internet users and the "corn worm" to the.Asia domain name registration.

network according to the relevant responsible person said that the public has launched the.Asia domain name from January 8th (personal) pre registration activities, to the evening of February 20th at the end of. The public (individuals) from January 8th to China million net zero official website (www.net.cn) to pre register and enjoy the registration fee of 160 yuan /2. It is understood that the price is not only more than 1400 yuan in the.Asia trademark registration period of /2 years a lot of concessions, but also the pre registration period after the end of the normal registration price of $320 /2 half.

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