A few experience summary of project website

has just entered the station line of people, how to choose and plan to change the program, than the day buried research template, landscaping is more important. If you do not have a good business, the industry is the most familiar with their own industry can do a lot of detours. 2008 out of love for the intelligent industry I created the "weak engineering network", because of 6 years of experience in industry, the demand for the key points in the industry (the engineering construction unit requirements, engineering business requirements, product supplier’s demand, the demand for professionals) known, and to implement effective resource integration the key point for.

determines the goal and then is how to plan and implement your site. First introduced what is intelligent engineering: intelligent building electrical technology includes two kinds of strong current and weak current. Construction of buildings and electricity generally refers to the 220V50Hz and above power. Mainly to provide people with energy sources, such as electric traction motor power, lighting electricity, etc.. Intelligent building has two main categories, one is the national security requirements of the voltage level and control voltage of low voltage power, with AC and DC points, such as the 24V DC power supply, emergency lighting or standby power supply. The other is the source of information, such as telephone, television and computer, which contains information such as voice, image and data. In the construction of electricity mainly has two kinds: intelligent system for construction equipment monitoring system, security system, network communication system, information network system, automatic fire alarm system, parking access control card system, public broadcasting system, cable TV system, LED large screen display system, anti-theft alarm system, building energy-saving equipment and fire linkage system, integrated system of the centralized monitoring, control and management; all kinds of data acquisition, control, management and communication within the family control network system or other lines, it is called intelligent line (also known as home decoration in the weak). First of all, you need to study what kind of customer service in the end, my weak engineering industry customer needs I summarize the following points:

1 project construction side of the demand (engineering construction units or Tendering Company): industry bidding information platform (to allow more engineers to participate in the construction of the project).

2 needs: industry integrators weak project bidding information platform (can provide more information in the industry construction project bidding, project information platform (equipment) to provide more equipment in the industry product information database, the selection of suitable products for the project), talent and technology exchange information platform (released in the industry, professional engineering and technical talent supply and demand communication technology, document sharing).

3 equipment supplier needs: industry bidding information platform (for the right project to provide linked products involved in the project, taking electricity engineering business) information platform (to provide more electricity engineering business information, targeted development of customers, improve equipment sales), the latest product information publishing device the platform (the superior goods or the latest product information release), talent and technology exchange information platform (industry professionals.

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