Open shop selection strategy the market is more profitable than Tmall

may be a lot of Taobao sellers are hoping to enter the Tmall platform, Tmall seems like a brand market, while the average market Taobao store is like some of the city’s market where the dragons and fishes jumbled together. In the impression of the outside world, high-end brand market is often easier to make money, but the money market of low-end market is a little money. This seems to be the right idea, but a lot of facts show that, for most people, the Taobao market seems to make more money, which is mainly determined by the following three factors.

is the first Taobao market operation and maintenance costs are low, although the Taobao market on the road to drill the need for expensive costs, but compared to Taobao and Tmall, the cost is much smaller. You know every year by Taobao Tmall Ali charge service fee will be more than a few million, with Taobao and Tmall business scale increased, while Taobao market most of the fees are basically free, unless the promotion costs, as long as Taobao market businesses optimize in the promotion expenses, such as on the train, through the optimization of keywords, to promote low cost to get hits and the volume is good, that is to say, Taobao market in the operation and maintenance cost can through a variety of optimization methods to reduce, but in the Tmall platform, even if the optimization of ultra high skills, but also very difficult to reduce the cost go on.

second is Taobao the market of human resources cost is relatively low, the majority of Taobao market are individual sellers in operation, unless the operation scale big crown sellers often employ some professional packaging delivery personnel, most of Taobao market sellers are by proxy, packing and shipping basically are handed over to the the main work to do, the seller market is Taobao in the marketing and promotion of human resources, so the cost is relatively low. Taobao and Tmall are generally operating independent brands, or direct manufacturers, so manufacturers will need to hire a professional sales staff, customer service personnel and packaging service personnel throughout the system, the organization will become bloated, many Tmall stores due to sales is not so big, so caused a lot of waste of human resources, so as to bring a little difficulty to the operation.

third is Taobao currently market supervision is not so big, there are many loopholes can be drilled, it makes some sellers to lower the maintenance cost to get a good profit. Take the brush drill behavior, although Taobao introduced a lot of restrictions, but the brush drill business on the Internet is still very popular, because about whether Taobao’s restrictions, as long as the existence of the reputation as the leading business model, then brush drill business will not disappear, the only change is to let the brush drill the process becomes more real, has increased the difficulty of the brush drill. But Taobao Tmall too strict restrictions, the drainage work basically is to complete the Taobao, so Taobao Tmall likely is relatively lower, so you want to get more profits will become more difficult.

although Taobao market in the electricity supplier model has some advantages, but because of too open tube >

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