Traditional companies need to break through the nternet thinking barriers

This year’s

NPC and CPPCC, two people have mentioned the relationship between the Internet and traditional enterprises: one is Robin Li, because these years Baidu is standing in the service of the majority of enterprises to promote the point of view, even if PPC is burn, thousands of companies are indeed because Baidu benefit; another is Lei Lei. Also talking about the Internet to change the traditional enterprises, because the millet has created the Internet thinking, let all the people are talking about the Internet thinking, millet and even enter the real estate industry was a sound idea. According to the logic of mobile phone millet Lei Jun, as long as there is sufficient cash flow to make a hugely popular real estate brands should be no problem.

now there is such a phenomenon, the traditional enterprise always considering how to use the Internet thinking to the net, but the middle part of the traditional complex enterprises so that they can not borrow any ready-made patterns, so many people advocate, too difficult to engage in traditional enterprise internet. In fact, this is the traditional business thinking too much, always considering how to solve such as intermediate links, and the so-called Internet thinking is on the contrary, completely abandoned the intermediate links, two kinds of thinking are opposite in mind.


Internet companies to make the Internet thinking? How to say, because the Internet companies do not have the traditional enterprise huge offline resources, even if the maintenance cost is again expensive, it is also the only online Internet resources, business resources, most of the constraints from the line, have a lot of traffic can not be realized, so it will take a variety of means to to the next line of business are the Internet, allow enterprises to do all kinds of promotion, open all kinds of shops, but you know most of the traditional enterprises are under the line head management line, this set is not feasible, most of the enterprises failed, but regardless of success or failure, Internet companies are making money, because most Internet companies are flow dealer.

really want to do something for the Internet company, is also limited to shortage of offline resources, such as the circle circulated a statement, said millet mobile phone was originally wanted to use where the sales system to engage in sales, where a difficult and even later neither painful nor itching in desperation, millet will go hungry marketing route to futures mode to attract fans. But who did not expect millet will be so successful, and created a set of Internet based methodology, which is the so-called Internet thinking. Of course, the Internet thinking, millet in here, is Lei Jun said "focus, extreme, reputation, fast", in other places and different meaning, after all different enterprise business philosophy is different, methodology and world view will be different.

from the ecosystem of strategic supplier bigwigs, we see their intentions, partly because they do not have the resources and strength of the traditional manufacturing industry, need to make an alliance with the traditional enterprise, all resources integration of industry chain to serve themselves; on the other hand, is a continuation of the online business to the next line no matter, is a strategic investment in traditional manufacturing industry, commercial area or direct online laying stores, these are that even the Internet thinking also need offline eating, in the now familiar phrase is pure mutual.

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