The store, the electricity supplier to the micro business, not incompatible, but are also different

Abstract: the store, electricity providers and micro business is not so quite distinct from each other and melting, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, the service object is different, so no who subvert anyone who who end.


micro business some time ago and is CCTV exposure (see media reports "titanium derivative criticized CCTV which is facing the problem? What kind of businesses will be eliminated out?") is still talking about the old topic, Eric had talked about related problems. The same kind of article has been too much, the problem has been a micro business is blocked, but why there will be micro business phenomenon, but few people to talk about, we’ll talk about this topic today.

the same entrepreneurial group

whether it is under the tide of reform and opening up, or when the owner of the Taobao business Fangxing, or now micro business, the real market leader, is a common group, that is the grassroots entrepreneurs. What they reveal is actually a process of grassroots entrepreneurs seeking career breakthroughs.

these three seemingly different market potential of a fire, but fate is behind their dominant market as like as two peas, the earliest are grassroots gens. In the market a barren, grassroots entrepreneurs have to go with their own efforts to run the market, and some people so rich.

however, with the first batch of grassroots success, more grassroots have begun to pour, followed by the increasingly fierce competition, the industry is getting higher and higher threshold, the market profits more and more bottom. When the original market into a sea of blood, grassroots entrepreneurs need a new market to break through. So prices are getting higher and higher, people chose the electricity supplier, when the electricity supplier competition more and more intense, micro business and fire up.

such a phenomenon of market change, a real response to the grassroots entrepreneurs in the market, an urgent desire, that is, when the cost of living and work continues to rise, if the lower cost to start a business. So in addition to the root of the same outside, the physical store, electricity providers and micro providers as well as the same and different places?

merchandise display channel

whether you are opening a physical store, or do electricity supplier or micro business, the first problem to be faced is the display of goods, a good display channels can play a multiplier effect.

traditional store merchandise display channel is the most complex, need to take into account the location of the shop, rent, decoration, shelves, furnishings and so on a series of problems, but also need to continuously every day to clean goods, to do shop clean Let the guests looked comfortable, all need to pay a lot of manual labor day.

with the rental prices more expensive, there is an urgent need for a lower cost form of entrepreneurship, e-commerce in this time turned out. The earliest time the slogan of the electricity supplier is to let everyone have the opportunity to be old

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