B2B e-commerce site operations should not be eight

A: blind expansion. Staff of more than and 20 people, the income of 5 million, due to the lack of judgment on the development of economy, people will grow to 50 people instantly, not only a serious decline in profits, management is a mess, website development must grasp the rhythm, to avoid the rush.

two should not simply. No matter the comprehensive B2B platform or B2B industry portal, its main functions and performance of the 90% are the same, some operators have a number of web developer in order to pursue the so-called personalized function 10%, eventually astray. They did not try to use mature e-commerce software such as thB2B to achieve a multiplier effect.

three: the multitasking. A group of people, to engage a group of industry website, each station is only responsible for 2~3 personal website, as long as the boss believes that advertising is an income, however, this kind of website does not have the core competitiveness, the industry website needs in-depth work, can have the harvest. Quick, only immediate small profit, no development.

four: family system. In fact, there are now some industry websites using the family management style, brother, brother, wife, together, results, once the enterprises or the site boss itself has changed, the consequences will be staged, Dallas, the struggle for power, a good web site, it was disrupted. Business development is not a blood relationship, but like-minded people together to do things.

five: the lazy. Many industry website model on the past to Amoy first pot of gold, but in the financial crisis situation, still keep the old job, has been not satisfied with the status quo, innovation, dare to embrace change, the development of industry website is a good combination with the current situation positive, new measures are given to. This problem, attributed to the boss of the industry Web site appeared to cure the need to go out to learn more about the new changes, new trends.

six should not blindly follow the trend. Did not understand the industry, or that the industry has not yet understood what the needs of the enterprise, the industry website, the crime is directly caused by the loss of bankruptcy.

seven: self expansion. Like to promote their own advantages to cover up the problem. New changes will take place in the industry in the new situation, criticism and self-criticism is a kind of progress, is a way to solve the problem. Only in this way, you can do better, sometimes Standers-by see more than gamesters.

eight should not: layman management. Shareholders do not understand the traditional boss of e-commerce, but it does not decentralization, the results of the industry website made a website shell of traditional enterprises. Talent is very important, but it is also a headache for all industries, it is not easy to find a good person, but must look for, but is constantly recruiting eliminated. The only way to Amoy to gold. After the introduction of appropriate decentralization of talent is more important.

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