Taobao rules change some goods are not open evaluation can be deleted score

February 6th, Taobao recently changed part of Taobao rules, including closing transaction evaluation of some commodities, Taobao has the right to delete due to false trading store ratings, part of the new commodity information control etc..

Taobao: "both parties have the right to rule the real deal based on mutual evaluation in fifteen days after the success of the transaction in alipay." According to Taobao’s original rules, the transaction evaluation system applies to all goods on Taobao platform. In February 3rd, Taobao rules after the change, stipulates: "the special category of commodity trading is not open evaluation." Among them, special categories of goods, refers to the "other" category under the new orders, gifts, deposit, preview, postage five two categories of goods.

and Taobao, if you belong to the special category of goods in other categories under the wrong and produced evaluation, Taobao will according to the rules for processing, and evaluation of the goods produced on the date of entry into force of this rule (including credit score and store score) to delete.

also Taobao rules: "false transactions through improper means to improve account credit score, Taobao delete member produced false trading store ratings, credit score and other credit the two times the number of points, and the store shelves of all goods." The original Taobao rules do not include the deletion of the shop score this content.

at the same time, Taobao has added a ban on the release of the national free payment of goods and foreign exchange service rules, and on the VPN, fishing gear and other commodity information to strengthen control.

is reported that Taobao will change the rules in February 13th and in batches in effect in February 20th.

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