Business incubators entrepreneurial community get together O2O love little meat

text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Xinyu

business has become a hot topic of nowadays college students, according to incomplete statistics, Foshan currently has 27 Business Incubator Park, in the tide of entrepreneurship, many students give up stable salary, into the business in the army. However, the reporter also noted that Foshan currently has many outstanding entrepreneurial projects appear the phenomenon of homogenization, electricity providers, community and O2O project to become young entrepreneurs get together and select the object, sigh many incubators, find a good project is really not easy. In addition, the entrepreneurial project wall outside the wall incense phenomenon also caused concern in the industry.

status: the city’s 27 incubator atmosphere is getting stronger

last weekend, Foshan’s first venture Street debut, which will be out of 100 million yuan angel investment for valuable investment projects in the local Foshan, reporters learned that many in the field roadshow venture, its sponsors are college students. For example, the roadshow dog dog study program, is derived from the idea of 4 after 90.

entrepreneurial college students, there is no lack of outstanding college students figure, the reporter noted that many college students entrepreneurial projects, refused to pay a generous salary, in turn to their own business. Is one of a Foshan University graduates this year Lin Chutao. Lin Chutao in the next semester, he has received the invitation of the national 14 companies, but he was rejected.

in accordance with Lin Chutao’s entrepreneurial dream, he wants to create an innovative technology classroom. In his science and technology classroom, so that science and technology enthusiasts in the classroom to carry out the invention and creation, but also according to different age groups of young people to customize the exclusive science and technology courses. With the same dream of entrepreneurship, and Neusoft college sophomore Huang Simu. In the United States, hungry, Baidu takeaway takeaway O2O this year began to pop up, Huang Simu see the business opportunities, to undertake the mission takeaway hungry and distribution business, as the line "courier" role.

in the entrepreneurial atmosphere under the condition that the number of the city’s business incubator has soared. According to incomplete statistics, the city of Foshan has 27 business incubator. The main function of the incubator is to incubate enterprise as the service object, through the development of entrepreneurship training, coaching, counseling, providing research, manufacture, and operation of the site and shared facilities, to reduce business risk and business cost. These entrepreneurial incubators in the early days of our business, really give us a lot of help, such as exemption from rent, utilities and other incentives for entrepreneurs is a real support." Lin Chutao said.

trend one: the project more get together electricity supplier community more hope more innovation

is also in the relocation of the outstanding projects, the incubator for local competition is also increasing, a number of venture capital institutions responsible person said, to find a good object of incubation can say "difficult in Foshan". "As we did last year in Guangzhou, there are nearly 40 projects, but in Foshan only voted for the two." A famous Vc firms

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