Taobao entrepreneurial shop can really make money What is the customer to set up shop housekeeper

Hello, I am a Taobao owner, my name is xiaoyu.

believe that the understanding of the Taobao store to open a friend knows, do Taobao, or do virtual Taobao (virtual basic no one did), or do the kind of Taobao. Today, we take a look at a real Taobao shop to do, until today, I do Taobao has nearly half a year, but I talked to a lot of people are not the same, I am by customers open Taobao shop, which effectively solve the supply, logistics, decoration, promotion and other aspects of the problem. In this half year, I have been confused, but there have been very fortunate, at a loss, adhere to today, and have the opportunity to share with you some of the guest households reached the experience, and to introduce the process of customer shop. Here, I also thank the entry with hadronic teacher, I am a teacher and student is the hadron, hadron teacher customers buy software, I am honored to be in the hundreds of millions of people in the network, can such a strong benefactor, is very grateful, here also hope that we can find a good the teacher. Now online liar in particular, a lot of it is said to listen to good, advertising hit the fire, but it is a flicker of people, I have a friend to buy the software on the customer to get fooled, bought the software, no one to teach. Hope that when you choose the teacher’s eyes.

well, then said:

first, to solve the source. No matter where you shop, the first thing is to solve the problem of supply, the customer is no exception to the shop. But compared to find their own purchase channels, but also can not guarantee that the low price, first-class quality, customers have their own goods warehouse, many goods for you to choose, but also a manual factory supply, so the price is very advantageous, it has great competitiveness on the new stores.

second, logistics solution. For the beginning of the operation of the shop novice who, due to the store’s sales volume, the situation is less, we are often difficult to get relatively cheap price in this area. The customer is a good solution to the problem of logistics, as long as the choice of the customer, you do not need to tangle how to find logistics, but do not need to toss their delivery, because customers will use their own logistics channels of customer order goods to customers, simply save the real.

third, followed by the decoration of the shop, baby shelves problem. In the process of the store shelves baby, you can own pricing, profit is in their own hands.

fourth, store operations promotion. In the days after the operation process, customers can lead the new software to participate in the popular Taobao activities, such as nine nine shipping, one yuan purchase activities, help them improve the store views, so as to increase sales.

in general, the customer is a fully automatic shop software, buyers orders, the software will be automatically processed, shipped out of the warehouse, automatic completion of the transaction, the real one-stop service. Customers up to the shop operation process is probably so much, if you do not understand, you can contact my teacher, he will share with you without reservation. If >

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