SF 757 acquisition of second-hand and 767 aircraft to force the cross-border electricity supplier


(Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SF) into e-commerce and offline stores opened the action more dramatic in the past two years, but the domestic private express leader did not relax the pace of expansion in the courier industry.

in the Alibaba, Jingdong of the electricity supplier mall spending huge sums to build its own logistics system when the SF has for the next market growth point of cross-border electricity supplier business network layout and capacity.



SF Airlines is preparing a massive capacity expansion plan, the specific way is from the United States and the airline acquired a number of second-hand 757 and 767 freighter aircraft." An aviation industry recently told reporters, "the number of aircraft is about 1/3 to 767, will all join operations of SF airlines in the next five years."

according to an insider, the SF aviation just with Boeing signed on the freighter agreement, including 767 modifications.

used by aircraft specifically authorized modification after becoming pure cargo is currently the world’s most popular a kind of air cargo capacity, at present most of the global operations in cargo planes are played in the life cycle of the surplus value through this way, compared to buy new aircraft for the freighter for airlines to lower cost.

according to a SF insiders, SF Airlines by SF (75%) and Shenzhen City Tai Hai Investment Co. Ltd. (25%) to establish a joint venture, started operations at the end of 2009, 3 757-200F cargo aircraft used for initial freighter after the introduction. To the end of September this year, SF Airlines fleet has introduced 16 aircraft owned cargo aircraft, and aircraft leasing, the total fleet has reached 36, daily shipments can reach 1800 tons.

but compared with the international express delivery giants, the SF Airlines scale is still in its infancy. SF has been considered as a benchmark of the U.S. FedEx Corp fleet size of more than 600 aircraft, the transit center across the world’s major aviation hub, which is the global express giants is the core competitiveness.

"SF airlines in less than five years the capacity to become a leader in the domestic air cargo enterprises, coupled with its own network layout, operation process and IT level advantage, makes the transportation speed and safety become the most competitive factors." A domestic private courier companies executives said in an interview with this reporter, "but with the EMS closer to the market changes and some pursuit of private express delivery companies have begun to layout of air cargo, advantage is being challenged, so how to consolidate their position and find the impetus of sustainable development has become a SF step must face the problem."

according to the SF insiders, the company is for the annual "double eleven" network promotion activities to prepare, in addition to its own aircraft, "

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