315 network consumption integrity list released electricity supplier integrity index

CCTV recently released 2012 315 consumer complaints list shows that online shopping topped the list. Back in 2011, the domestic online shopping complaints case is as high as 50 thousand, the consumer was directed at the lack of network integrity. "Mainly concentrated in the quality of goods and the description does not match, shoddy, selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, buy fake businesses cannot disappear after rights, group purchase or service free to change the rules of online shopping service, customer service can not be guaranteed". This is also verified from the negative trend of the rapid development of online shopping market, a number of research institutions statistics show that in 2011 Chinese online shopping transaction size has been close to 800 billion yuan, online shopping users reached 200 million people, of which 45% times a week, 44% of the average monthly shopping.

consumers frequented shopping site, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, excellence, Eslite five sites accounted for up to 89%. In the habit of online shopping consumers seem, these sites are more or less have violated their rights and interests. How fast the integrity of homing, especially good to guide the sustainable development of new industries, e-commerce in this regard, Chinese on Internet monitoring authority & data platform DCCI Internet data center, comprehensive analysis and evaluation of inventory network consumption ten most consumers the most heart – the most preferential price – the most optimal delivery – the listening website! A provide not only in good faith for the enterprise operation, but also for consumers to online shopping guide.

a comprehensive selection of "the most reliable" Amazon China won

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website within the first half of the consumer shopping, for users to choose, preferential prices, real, comprehensive, assured 10 sub indicators, leading out of Amazon in many business magnate, popular brand, beat the mall to become the Jingdong TOP overall standings champion, but also in the Amazon Chinese most assured, the most real and accurate and the optimal send 3 segments respectively won the subdivision index title, reflects the consumer to its website sales product quality trust, and the high satisfaction of accurate information on its website products.


" " the most comprehensive selection; trust; Amazon Chinese won the prize was

as China’s largest sporting goods vertical B2C website, street network this list, Juhuasuan beat, online mall, Gome Electrical appliances shop No. 1, where the customer V+ and other commercial enterprises, become the "special" and "listen" two good faith subdivision list champion and runner up, the optimal delivery list. The strong supply chain system is the largest contributor, with high efficiency and low cost support for the talent shows itself.

has been to the appropriate price for the commodity sales philosophy street network, high gold content with site promotions, discounts and discounts to avoid induced consumption, and vicious bidding, the real benefits to consumers, has won the trust of consumers. As a young company in the development of the West Street web site can listen to disappear >

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