Jingdong said Grameen did not respond positively to default NGO qualification

September 21st news, according to Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong pledged to donate $1 million of Grameen China, but afterwards did not implement the reports, the Jingdong responded that: no donation is Chinese NGO Lai min Inge qualification is not implemented, will maintain the current communication.

for the matter, Jingdong gives four specific explanations, the full text is as follows:

In December 2014 1,

Jingdong and Grameen reached a strategic cooperation with the Grameen micro finance model to discuss the creation of a suitable Chinese rural financial services sample. In the negotiation process, the Jingdong said in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the China, Mr Liu Qiangdong can support the project of Grameen Bank in Chinese landing in personal donation. But because of the Grameen China executive team has not been solved in the China NGO and micro credit related legal qualification procedures, resulting in donations cannot implement. During the period, the Jingdong and the Grameen Chinese has maintained communication.

2, according to the provisions of the relevant laws Chinese, donations in public welfare donations, the only legally established public welfare organizations and nonprofit institutions, but the Grameen Chinese NGO qualification has been in the application, not achieve and implement. During the period, the Grameen Chinese team has proposed to donate to a limited liability company, but the Jingdong thinks that the legal risks, therefore did not agree to this plan; at the same time, the donation will be carried out in consultation between the two sides of rural microfinance project, the Grameen China no solution will undertake the business of legal qualification.

3, Jingdong believes that the donation must be legal compliance and Implementation for common sense before these problems have not been solved effectively, China Grameen related with both the media release information, leading to brand Jingdong and Mr. Liu Qiangdong’s personal image were hurt, Jingdong expressed regret very much agree with the Jingdong; Mr Yunus’s idea, always hope to promote the cooperation between the two sides of a smooth landing, we will keep an open attitude of cooperation with the Grameen Chinese still actively communicate, promote the successful settlement of things.

4, Mr. Liu Qiangdong has been keen to public welfare undertakings, in his lead, since the Jingdong group to join the public welfare undertakings, 2015, Jingdong and Mr. Liu Qiangdong personally to the community to donate about 40000000 yuan, in the student, disaster relief, rural poverty alleviation and relief of vulnerable groups and other fields to carry out a number of positive action, we will continue to adhere to public welfare undertakings the investment in return for social care, thank you for your support.

billion state power network has learned, the day before the Nobel Peace Prize winner Yunus accused Liu Qiangdong, said Liu promised Chinese Grameen pledge did not achieve. It is reported that Liu Qiangdong said in 2014 to Grameen China, willing to join its board of directors, and pledged $1 million as a director.

and Grameen China said, in the past two years, with the cooperation of Jingdong has been no substantive progress, also unable to contact Liu Qiangdong himself.

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