2012 buy Market Research Report

a. Research background

in 2012 2011 as the group purchase website is not crazy, don’t like "group purchase die predicted on the decline, on the contrary, group purchase website reported earnings news, full network, Wowo mall, meituan said has been profitable.

but this road is still bumpy, group purchase industry in the development of continuous fighting, merger, expansion, collapse is still constantly staged, group purchase website form is also out of the independent group purchase website limited, formed a separate group purchase website, group purchase group purchase group purchase platform, navigation and channel coexistence.

two. Text

speed transit Institute analyst team query the 2012 large group purchase relevant data and information, combined with professional group purchase website navigation collar mission network statistics, quoting Baidu index and a series of data, in-depth analysis and Study on the 2012 group purchase market from multiple angles.

(1) the development trend of group buying

group is also a new business model in the past two years, has gone crazy and dashed, will enter a relatively stable stage of development.


figure 1.1:2010 – 2012 buy user attention

said the rise and decline of group purchase, Baidu index is a very good reflection angle, according to Baidu index data, at the beginning of 2010, the search volume of Internet users "group purchase" the word daily about 455 times. In January 16th, the first domestic group purchase website "full network" on the line, in March the U.S. mission network, Wo Wo Group, F group, handle network have been established, 21 C2C giant Taobao group purchase channel launched "Juhuasuan", enter the field of group purchase. Beginning in May, buy the site has been favored by investment institutions, 24 coupons, cool group network and many other sites have been bought a large amount of financing. June, Sohu, Tencent, Sina three portals have launched their own group buying business. At the end of June, the number of domestic group purchase website soared to 480, the group purchase this new term has gradually attracted the attention of users, the search volume began to rise; as of 2010 at the end of the year, the number of domestic group purchase site is 2612, the user search volume is more than 44 thousand times, about 100 times at the beginning.

in early 2011 came to join Tencent Groupon news, so that the fierce competition in the industry to buy a thousand regiments war into the white hot stage. At the same time, a number of buy site successfully attracted hundreds of billions of dollars in financing levels, and a large ad advertising battle and star wars. June began, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet heavyweights involved in the buy, buy became a hot word, the rapid rise of user attention. In September, group purchase to shrink the front, once the group purchase advertising rash and too much in haste and gradually disappeared in the building space, the transformation of group purchase to fine marketing, user search volume also entered the brief trough.

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