The virtual host Lunarpages function into the new darling of the market of high-end business

wave power of the Internet in the foreign trade business development, the development of foreign trade enterprises as early as from the traditional line transfer line for development of electronic commerce, quietly rising wind, it has changed the traditional pattern of e-commerce, website marketing into the foreign trade enterprises operating in the United States, the protagonist, virtual host with Lunarpages the high-end positioning, a virtual host business enterprise preferred.

Lunarpages virtual host is a high-end business host, which has been making a lot of contributions to business. Stability is one of the most prominent features of Lunarpages. Business website requires that the site can be successfully opened at any time, which put forward the high requirements of the stability of the website. The stability of the site requires the use of virtual host computer room to be stable enough. The Lunarpages virtual host has four top data centers in the United States, its headquarters in California, but also provide data backup week, can effectively ensure that the company’s online business station 99.9% of the time. From the stability point of view, Lunarpages virtual host can meet the needs of business enterprises.

, however, the speed of access is another problem. Time is money for business. The opening speed of the website is a little bit slower, the visitors will be lost, and the potential users will be lost along with the lost visitors. While the United States Lunarpages virtual host most of the countries in the United States and the international access speed is first-rate, if the website for international customers, so in order to provide users with efficient service, LunarPages will be the best choice, at present, Lunarpages also launched a virtual host Chinese station, Chinese customer service and support Alipay payment service finished doing very good.

of course, security is also one of the focus of the business website to consider. E-commerce transactions in the virtual network of the world, the security of the transaction will be a great challenge to the safety of the commercial station to put forward a severe test. Fortunately, the application of high-end business Lunarpages virtual host DDOS hardware protection and advanced firewall features, but also has an extremely strong load capacity available to protect the security of the site. The transaction security of the site, by the use of discount code China30 paid to buy the Lunarpages host independent IP to support protection. Business station to secure the transaction data security will install SSL security transaction certificate, and independent IP is the only condition to support the installation of SSL certificate. With an independent IP, SSL certificate will be able to complete the installation, and protect the security of the transaction data site.

a lot of people say that in the Internet age, science and technology is the final decision of the success or failure of the king, there are a lot of people say how the use of science and technology is the key to victory or defeat. We are experiencing this time, experience this era, but the final decision

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