Network inside and outside the multi promotional shops and baby tips to share

Well, the decoration, baby shelves to optimize the

shop, or no customers do? Look, how to find? This article how to promote your shop to solve customer less of a problem for you on the web to read Oh, ha ha, I am also worthwhile banging on the keyboard hard work oh.

shop promotion way generally range from me will One divides into two.: one is the Taobao Family Website (Taobao, Ali, 1688), the other website (website, this paper mainly refers to all) to explain from the Taobao family and the four major portals and industry.

Taobao Jianghu promotion, their own garden.

Amoy arena is this year launched the SNS community, here is a group of active sellers, two of buyers, so this is the strongest, most of the target audience, Amoy arena promotion is divided into two kinds of post and activities (according to the recent deal, tentatively into active class).

post stress, there is a lot of stress.

top of the post, only the high flow


is sticky? Here you need to have good writing, rich text posts, right by the moderator to see, "Taobao wealth password" shop medium-term strategy is about these aspects of the detailed method of operation, must not be casually picking up some junk content to send, this will directly affect your shop reputation, so do the consequences is not open yet. The store is dangerous.

is also the title of the party, the title of the success or failure of 50%.

to tell you the truth, I will not write the title is the most people, I have been blogging in the heart, the title had thought to "party", but is not always successful (but I read blog 80% old friends, to take this opportunity to thank the next), not far off the title, directly determines the "click" and "click", so there are components of the place, you can pass the


content is good sticky people, there is a popular only help transform.


content of the post, must be of high quality, high correlation (don’t be afraid of not three oh), high quality mainly refers to the content you don’t fool from Baidu to collect (in fact I suggest not to search abstract, original), high correlation, mean and your shop products, and the current form, related to long-term development and related. You see, a post so much knowledge, you do not learn it? Of course, you are not bound to the box, to understand: the purpose and meaning to write enough.

to the forum, looking for popularity, the use of publicity.

forum to promote what? The answer is still the same "post" post to write, but also to write, but don’t forget, the forum mixed Lianshou is necessary, how to face? Many replies, back to the post, the alien opened a forum account to you as a partition the moderator of this is not accidental, everyone is obvious to people’s progress and.

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