Electricity supplier phased shopping patterns to stimulate consumption weapon

do not know when, in Taobao, Tmall appeared on the stage shopping mode, that is, users can be divided into several payments, of course, if the number of installments, the more the amount of payment. For example: the three phase of the purchase of a commodity, the price plus a one-time payment and the same, but in the four period, the five payment will need to pay a certain fee. In addition, Taobao also supports credit card installments. The Tmall stage and credit card installment mode is the same, staging shopping for many grass root user convenience. College students in particular, a one-time not so much money, can only be completed by installments payment.

installment payment is particularly favored by many young consumers, because young people lack of rational consumption, easy to blindly consumption. A simple child: 6 to buy Apple mobile phone, many grass root users want to have, but their income was less than. So only through the way to buy, one thousand yuan per month or acceptable. Online shopping model to meet this type of consumer groups, but this concept is not worth promoting consumption, especially random brush credit card, it is easy to develop a bad habit of irrational consumption.

real user nouveau riche generally don’t love online shopping, online shopping crowd most consumption level is not high, online shopping or group purchase are relatively cheap. So there are so many consumers interested in online shopping, and online shopping is very convenient, can learn to choose their own love of goods. This is the original intention of online shopping, payment for the user is a double-edged sword, on the one hand really greatly meet our shopping needs. On the other hand is the electricity supplier to stimulate consumption of the weapon, so you can make a lot of young users do not buy Apple 6 inextricably bogged down in, maishen.

of course, this is a joke, but really have maishen buy Apple mobile phone, especially after 90, 00 after the young consumer groups. Many of them have the pursuit of excessive consumption of consumers, and this part of consumers are most likely to choose online shopping, or brush a variety of credit cards. Behind the seemingly clear, it is not rational behavior, if your income and expenses not equal, then certainly will mess up your life and plan. Spend tomorrow’s money is a very reliable idea, not to mention the credit card still want repayment, there is no free lunch.

installment payment looks very beautiful, but in the long run this will inevitably develop bad habits, it is difficult to resist the temptation of young people. So there are so many people choose to use credit cards, and consumer attitudes or habits once it is difficult to change. Online shopping addiction case is not in the minority, so finally to remind buddies a rational consumer is king. Otherwise it may become a slave card slave, online shopping, it is totally unnecessary.

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