Network marketing personnel must have four kinds of ability

before I wrote an article "fake Baidu snapshot causes and solutions of A5" have been recommended to the home page, which gave me great encouragement, so I think to write about network marketing knowledge, although it is not very profound, also hope to be able to play a role!

is now engaged in network marketing is more and more, because the network marketing of the entry threshold is not high, but the momentum of e-commerce development is so rapid, naturally there will be more enterprises recognize that represent the general trend of network marketing, network marketing, but although the low barriers to entry, but to be successful, but requires long-term accumulation then, in fact, is a kind of accumulated wisdom, the accumulation is a source of innovation, if you follow the case according to the network marketing, is usually not a success, only innovation and wisdom can help you succeed, four kinds of accumulation below we must talk about the marketing staff


A: have a wide network of contacts

this is a bit China characteristics, network is actually a network, when your network is larger, then you are not far from success, which in reality social marketing is very important, many marketers every time the holidays will give their customers and potential customers send gifts, will also give his boss RBI RBI, which is the main method of establishing connections, of course, for the Internet network marketing network is also very important, even more important than the reality, when you have a network, you have Everfount chain, and Everfount promotion channel this will make you more,


how can the accumulation of contacts? Global Forum, text and writing blogs, micro-blog is a good method, through their writing, slowly know some webmaster friends, can understand some large-scale website editor, at the same time to take the initiative to help others, when you need help, often the Internet the friend will be more loyalty, usually the network enough a hundred responses to a single call, for example, can make their own posts is not so easy to sink, because people often give you top stick! Of course this is just some small use of network resources, and often use will make your achievement wealth dream!

two: there are a lot of promotional resources

the accumulation of resources is also very important, such as your bubble round account level is not very high, your QQ number, how many friends you have no promotion software, how much Baidu account, how high level and so on, this is very important, when you have a lot of such resources, you will find that your promotion will become more relaxed, such as QQ enough, then spread through QQ space often allows you to harvest a lot of wealth, and you have many promotion resources, also can make these resources to help you get wealth and resources! Acquisition is a process of long term accumulation of


three: industry knowledge is very rich

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