Pat micro shop key distribution system PK beta Ali Amoy shop

[January 8] billion state power network news, the state power grid from informed sources, on the line near the App is about to launch a pat micro shop distribution system, to encourage and support individuals and small businesses settled pat micro shop. At present, the function is still in beta stage.


if a person wants to make money in his spare time, but he did not have any experience in the shop, and even the supply is not, then he can use the pat micro shop Distribution system." Pat micro shop APP official single Yuhun to billion state power network, using a mobile phone seller landing pat micro shop APP, can be selected from the pat Network in "commodity distribution system", then these goods on consignment key selection in his store sales, after the completion of the direct acquisition of commission rebate, delivery and customer service are solved by the upstream suppliers, the whole process is completed entirely by mobile phone.

but this model is not the first to pat micro shop, Alibaba’s Amoy shop is also the same as the PC side of the goods through a number of mobile phone shop Distribution model. In October this year, the Amoy shop on the line not only for the future of mobile phones Taobao camp adds a App, but also to break the original Ali only hand Amoy wireless Taobao system, an important measure to reconstruct the pattern of micro business. The pat micro shop App on-line distribution system, quite with Amoy shop against the meaning of the child.

before that, pat Network large-scale use of offline activities and preferential policies to attract high-quality sellers pat micro shop, and invested 100 million yuan, to recruit 1 people "micro business partner", this series of actions, will let people think that it is interested in wrestling with Taobao pat network.

According to

billion state power network to understand, pat micro shop independent App in December of last year officially launched, and the other mobile phone market shop application, pat micro shop only supports QQ registration or login, does not support the mobile phone number registered.

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