Shop No. 1 online pharmaceutical platform was pilot A shares how net speed

Each reporter Mu Xuan

yesterday (August 20th), the State Food and Drug Administration website information, to become the internet shop No. 1 third party drugs online retail platform pilot enterprises, to carry out experimental drugs online retail Internet related work third party platform, the "daily economic news" reporter noted, shop No. 1 is the first company to obtain the qualification comprehensive business.

this means that all settled in No. 1 store open platform pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises will be able to carry out drug B2C network retail business in shop No. 1. It is reported that currently the No. 1 shop has signed a good pharmacist, deshengtang, Fahrenheit large pharmacy, one drug network, home health pharmacy, Jiading pharmacy etc. more than 10 pharmaceutical retail chain brands. These enterprises in the No. 1 store business scope in the original medical equipment, health care products, makeup and contact lenses, will be expanded to sales of OTC non prescription medicine.

stakeholders believe that the third party platform to allow the sale of drugs on the Internet, will be conducive to chain pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies on the e-commerce platform to sell drugs. Pharmaceutical companies with third party platform to sell drugs, can shorten the chain of drug sales, reduce the cost of sales, or to ensure the quality of drugs, reduce drug prices help. With the third party online drug sales pilot license continued to open, reflecting the policy on the online pharmacy intervention began to relax, which will gradually set off a wave of capital introduction, will accelerate the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

in recent years, rapid development of the electricity supplier medicine, China Medical Materials Association released the "2013 China pharmaceutical business data report" shows that China’s online pharmacy 2011 online sales total less than 400 million yuan, in 2012 increased to 1 billion 600 million yuan, the growth rate reached 400%, the growth rate in 2013 is more than 200%. In recent years, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier market is expanding rapidly, its growth rate is amazing.

on the other hand, according to the China Securities Network reported recently, the State Food and drug administration is currently working on the development of the first batch of online sales of drugs release directory. Informed sources, online sales of prescription drugs have been concluded on June 28th. Online sales of basic drugs is almost inevitable, chronic diseases, common medication is expected to taste the first taste of the soup".

therefore, pharmaceutical electricity supplier will become a new aspect of the pharmaceutical industry.

and A stock market listed companies, there are many "Changxian" layout medicine electricity supplier.

Kyushu layout medicine electricity supplier is progressing well, 2013 annual report disclosure, the company promoting the group’s overall B2B e-commerce, has achieved sales of about 1 billion 170 million yuan, the terminal customer e-commerce has been extended to more than 8000. O2O, the company has also developed to achieve the WeChat to the next line of pharmacy O2O business, medicine urgent send function, the user can order by WeChat. Shanghai pharmaceutical also with the electricity supplier platform, good medicine and medicine on the line to carry out a comprehensive distribution of cooperation; independent development of the national pharmaceutical shares and independent operation of B2B pharmaceutical Electronics >

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