CEO June share Taobao entrepreneurial venture

lead: Super station interview is super stationmaster net chat show, not regularly on the YY channel 80104 held, and finishing release. The guests we interviewed is CEO June, is a company based on e-commerce product sharing community, while Taobao is one of’s main profit means at present, June has six years of work at Taobao, eventually to see the community e-commerce blue sea market, give up millions of options, real estate business, has the launch of the community electricity supplier tool service volume bean network and social e-commerce website and, just more than a year, has made remarkable achievements, the cumulative financing of nearly $20 million, the following is the transcript of the interview.


( CEO June) June: Hello everyone, I am June, I am very pleased and super webmaster friends in this afternoon to communicate.

super station and the light: Thank you, Mr. Chen, in fact, super stationmaster net user group is around Taobao off such an industry development, a lot of people through their own web site, to help businesses promote their love of goods, as we all know, is a very successful integration of Taobao off a website business, you can give us some advice about


June: Taobao guest, for is one of a traffic monetization tool, you have just said is right, how we operate Taobao customers from several angles, now the market is basically about three models, one is the main operation flow, is a user oriented operation the one is the operation of the business. Yesterday I also in the super webmaster forum read some posts and we communicate, I look at the main operation flow or the operation of consumers is relatively small, but from my personal experience, from the volume bean to practice experience, I think the future direction or in the operation of consumers, why do you say? Since we do is more like a shopping business, the so-called shopping guide is to guide consumers shopping, so it should be to guide consumers to consume is very clear, in order to reflect the value of our Taobao customers. How to operate the user, from the guest point of view, the final is how to increase revenue, but in fact is not how to improve the flow, how to get Taobao off the program, in fact, that the conversion rate is very low, the core we attributed to a nature, is what the user wants to buy something, so we must be very understanding of a certain class of users, in order to improve the conversion rate, so as to improve the income. Here I give you two suggestions:

first: to operate the user based, rather than operating traffic.

second: it is recommended that you do not go to big category, we still pay more attention to clothing, diet and so on, the Commission seems relatively high, in fact, competition is very fierce, so Taobao, Taobao customer coverage >

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