On the road to success jewelry business

in twenty-first Century, the Internet business penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, has created a wealth of myths, heroes. Not only in the field of mass consumer goods, luxury goods such as jewelry consumption in the field, the same is true. Just last year, there have been in the field of the first to eat crab amber jewelry companies – Royal Anber (www.fashionamber.com) WeChat mall can focus on fashionamber.

in many jewelry business, mainly can be divided into two categories: one is like Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, Luk Fook jewellery and other traditional enterprise electricity supplier for the representative; the other is the emerging Internet business enterprise, such as diamond bird, Kelan diamond, Jade Dynasty, Royal Anber etc.. The former relies on the enterprise itself has the traditional advantages, rely on industry chain, capital chain and the brand image of large and complete, is not difficult to stand firmly in the field of electricity providers; and as the bright younger generation emerging jewelry business, the shortcomings of traditional jewelry enterprises, combined with the Internet chariot, rapid completion of the strategic layout of the brand to seize the hills also, success.

careful analysis of the latter, in fact, it is not difficult to find one of the salient features: they are a single jewelry category leading enterprises. The diamond business industry has emerged, Kelan diamond bird, Devine, Zocai, Ou Baoli and other brands; and Jade Jade Dynasty as the electricity supplier in the field is also thriving, its founder Yang Muren is a professional 80 IT, with its perfect unique internet thinking and traditional jade culture. To create a leading position in the Jadeite Jade Dynasty to the field of electricity providers, so that peers catch up.

and amber beads class electricity supplier, Royal Anber is unique. In recent years, consumers increasingly familiar with amber and attention, the Royal Anber to seize market opportunities, in 2014 just a year’s time to launch more than 400 exquisite mass amber jewelry, and through the micro marketing approach, the knowledge transfer of amber. In the accumulation of a large number of agents and amber fans at the same time, to promote effective online platform and offline security services, set up their own brand image and reputation.

Royal Anber played the "quality of life, the Volkswagen brand fashion amber" business philosophy, always adhere to their own design style independent, integration of domestic and foreign resources, starting from the introduction of raw materials, grinding, jewelry design, sales and other links, to ensure the quality of raw materials and reduce the cost of business operations, and commitment to the ultimate benefits back to the terminal consumers and agents at all levels, creating a win-win profit model. Therefore, no matter to the satisfaction of all from product quality, design and price is, it has a strong advantage and temptation.

from the first to introduce the concept of diamond bird jewelry business, now amber jewelry business rookie Royal Anber, nearly 10 years of development pattern throughout the entire jewelry business, we may be difficult to find similarities between them, perhaps this is they.

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