Tao Lanhai Taobao automatic car click on the device is not used

Taobao through the automatic click device, malicious clicks in the end there is no use? Amoy blue ocean to discuss with you!

there are a lot of people through propaganda, Taobao car clicks as real click, click automatic Baidu Google soso, Sogou, Taobao, Bing, Alibaba train network marketing treasure search engine and individual website automatically click, click all around the country for promotion, many users click on the hook, powerful. From the search engine can improve the traffic, so as to improve keyword search rankings, the real effect, the naked eye can see, click on the advertisement effect with Baidu! Brush the drop-down box and the mainstream search engine and Taobao drop-down box, brush Baidu search function. For some of the target can only be displayed in a specific area of the situation, the corresponding software can be set to click on the region, to avoid empty search, improve efficiency.


you can do this by clicking on the device:

click on various types of search engine advertising

click on the keywords in the search engine results in their own website, improve keyword search ranking

improve website ranking, improve keyword search index, Baidu index

brush Baidu drop-down box

brush Baidu search

click on Taobao through the bidding

click on the Taobao keyword search results, Taobao’s own merchandise links, improve the popularity of Taobao products, improve the natural ranking of Taobao SEO

Ali click on the network auction advertising

anything you imagine and on the basis of the latest version of the software, you may use the Taobao through the vehicle click. The above mentioned search engine, including Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao, Taobao, Bing train, Ali Ali etc. all common search engines, and use in the future, as users use the recommended frequency will increase, such as single click on Baidu, we have included Baidu page Baidu pictures, Baidu know the type of search hits, Ben clicks powerful, really took the time to the person who used the most experience! Of course, many of the features, using only the tip of the iceberg for the vast majority of users, more potential to be useless, you dig and over


Taobao through the automatic click, malicious clicks in the end there is no use? In fact is not the case:

in fact, the problem of malicious click through train, is not too worried about. Because Taobao train is a monitoring system, it can distinguish which is the normal click, which is malicious click. Although many people do not think so, but if you have any questions about your train, you can contact the customer service, they will give you a detailed answer to the question. We should still believe that the official Taobao system. Normally, in order to exclude competitors

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