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time: on the night of July 12th 8:30
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introduce myself first, I – a man, play the domain name for six years, but the former are minor, play the domain for several years, just to watch, and occasionally see a few good domain name is registered, a few years time is less than ten registered domain names. We play m they have their own circle, they called us rice farmers.

said the real investment domain name, that is, in 2006. At that time the CN domain name registered by the price began to cut prices, a 180 yuan slowly dropped to 20 yuan, then is a very exciting thing for us is minon ah. HOHO, so everybody is thinking about ways of cybersquatting, some registered company name, registered some type of AABB, some registered tetraptera.CN, registered some three letters.ORG, more strongman took out three character classic, the three words above all translated into pinyin registered.CN domain name, anyway, the rice farmers engage in it is to be in full swing.

I is the original domain name from the note in earnest, never thought of making money like fried corn, but when the boring introduced a domain name investment group, several group is to discuss in four digital.CN domain sweep light. (four digital domain name should be 9999, CN, registered from 2003 open good register almost left some bad and digital numbers with 4 domain names, Chinese people do not seem to like Shen with four East), negotiating between them is not to put all these domain names is registered partnership we, industry called "sweep meter".

because of the early CN three letter domain name of the successful experience, so the call quickly got everyone’s response.

here to give you a brief introduction to the last time they frantically sweep the three letter.CN meters, and then count the money to cramp.


From 2003 to the

CN domain name registration began to open, then we have a group of people registered as part of the three letters.CN, there are about several thousands, has maintained that the status quo, around 2005, there are about more than seven thousand or eight thousand (the total number of 16XXX, self has to count, no 26*26*26) what people pay attention to this change, suddenly one day, there are three people found at the end of the letter.Cn domain name registered on the remaining two thousand or three thousand, it was found to be a dog called Limited registered thousands, remaining some bad three letters. Someone found the action was posted on the forum it caused very big reaction, so there are a number of everyone began to eat. It registered a year 50. I eat one hundred dollars a year, no more than 5000… So you one hundred I’m one hundred, everyone ate up.


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