The Jingdong will shut down personal care shops exposed feeding contracts forcibly disarm

In July 19th,

news, KamaKawa Kumar card wow franchise store operators to billion state power network broke the news, the Jingdong operating small businesses by telephone notification, Jingdong POP will close the care, feeding categories, involving shops must be closed in July 20th or the shelves of all related products.

the merchant said, the Jingdong said the docking operations personnel in the phone, and the two maternal and child care for three categories will be self correcting. Part of the product will be placed in the Jingdong warehouse businesses can get more than half a month’s buffer period, but sooner or later to quit.

this, Jingdong had responded to this incident. Jingdong official said: "there is no so-called maternal and child care and feeding businesses shut down all the problems. Later will also be screened high-quality brands settled." But this is different from the feedback of the business.


yesterday, made a further communication and Jingdong on the state power grid line feeding two categories in the future. Jingdong official table shows, personal care feeding two categories will not all self. Only businesses settled standards and rules may be changed and improved. But Jingdong officials temporarily unable to give more detailed information.

at the same time, the state power grid also asked several Jingdong operating in feeding products business, and Jingdong official opposite conclusion. Regardless of the brand’s own flagship store, or agents open shop, or a variety of channels franchise shop owners have said that third party merchants can no longer care and feeding management products, mainly engaged in these two categories of businesses have closed shop, and the time is short. Most businesses received close time for July 20th. There are businesses, said: forced to terminate the contract of hundreds of businesses."

due to the different time of signing the contract between different shops and Jingdong. Many businesses are required to close the shop this year, the contract has not expired, which also caused dissatisfaction businesses. "We have paid all the costs of operating on the platform and should protect our rights. If the next year and we renew the Jingdong no longer, we can only accept, but now the situation is too sudden."

many businesses Tucao Jingdong breach of contract, such a major decision has no clear announcement and issued a document, only by phone to inform businesses. And require businesses to close shop in just four or five days. "This is no consideration, burn the bridge after crossing it the interests of business and life."

and some businesses broke the news, the goods have been forced to sell their own Jingdong store shelves. Some of the newly opened stores can not be sold again, many businesses have a large number of inventory, sales can not be disastrous. For example, KamaKawa Kumar card wow franchise stores monthly sales of millions of Jingdong in the platform, but also prepared a large number of goods before the summer.

there are some businesses revealed that docking operators later said, if you do not want to close the shop, will immediately replace the business category >

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