Jingdong, Taobao, the United States, Ebay, Amazon do VR shopping

a ghost, VR shopping ghost, in the heart of the major electricity supplier platform CEO wandering. In order to catch the ghost, the major electricity supplier who seems to have a conservative attitude from the game player to be the first to fight in this new field. September 6th, Jingdong announced the establishment of the electricity supplier in the field of the first VR/AR industry to promote the alliance, the formation of VR labs, released APP VR shopping galaxy". So far, whether it is the domestic Jingdong, Taobao, the United States, or foreign Ebay and Amazon, has gradually revealed its own development trends and plans for VR. So, how does this TV platform of the VR war is going to play for people VR shopping fantasy how long it can become a reality?

let’s take a look at what’s happening now:


Jingdong: the establishment of VR industry alliance, launched the "pack tactics"

September 6th, Jingdong held a VR / AR strategic conference in Beijing. From the VR / AR conference, Jingdong intends to force in the two aspects: virtual shopping APP "VR shopping Galaxy" provide experience, description of the products, but also the use of gestures, voiceprint payment. AR plans to allow consumers to Jiezhuang products directly in the home after seeing their home decoration effect by AR products, designers can also remote "into the mirror", to help consumers select and design.

, however, the most impressive, or Jingdong "pack tactics". Compared to Taobao’s virtual reality program, Jingdong VR has been relatively low-key. But the conference, Jingdong has shown that it has been in the virtual reality has long layout: HTC, announced a joint Intel, NVIDIA, storm mirror and other more than and 30 enterprises set up electricity supplier in the field of the first VR / AR industry alliance. In the next three years with the storm mirror to achieve purchasing cooperation, will sell 15 million VR head; in addition, the Jingdong has reached a cooperation with the procurement NVIDIA, within three years will sell 18 million VR video card. The Jingdong in cooperation with more biased public popular type of storm mirror, may hope that through hardware popularization, to solve the problem of consumers shopping less VR. The lack of VR technology for businesses, Jingdong hopes to provide a unified modeling tool, the user to create a unified standard of electricity supplier applications and VR/AR content, reduce the threshold of business participation. These methods, in fact, is aimed at the lack of application of the end of the shopping, the end of the shopping terminal is not popular, the lack of ability to display the sales side, the platform is not consistent with these long plagued VR shopping problems. Long term goals, Jingdong or even set foot in the VR in addition to other areas of shopping, to unify VR, AR standards and

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