How do make money by Blogging


blog can make money? Many users will ask, in fact, now online project can make money is many, as long as you have a blog or website traffic, visitors are generally able to earn money. Of course, the greater the flow of money more.

recommended here is Taobao’s marketing website: Taobao guest (Ali mother). As Asia’s largest network of retail shopping district, – network marketing platform launched, has been gradually integrated into people’s lives, any Internet users can help sell Taobao dispensers, earn commissions. If you don’t even know that there is a mother, Taobao, you can’t help falling behind. It would be a pity if you had a good blog or website and didn’t make money by Taobao.

in the world with money can not be too many people, it is easy to get a few hundred dollars a month Commission, which can do a lot of things. Now do Taobao guest, get more than 10000 yuan a month. In the next one or two years, Taobao is expected to exceed one million passengers, at least will provide the domestic direct employment opportunities for the 100 thousand, will become the largest network of professional people!

if you join the Taobao guest, the original site or blog is not necessary to modify, just a little to join the Taobao commodity link, you can. If there is a customer to buy the goods, you can get a commission to 15 per month waiting for the money to get it!

some people will wonder, how customers will buy through my link? This need not worry, as long as the traffic is large, and joined Taobao’s "special cooperation website", the customer will trust you. Web site or blog stickiness is loyal users, income is considerable.

promotion forms are: URL and text chain, graphics and text, search box and theme promotion, form diversification and liberalization can promote a single commodity can also promote the whole shop, with your own needs.

if your website or blog is the female aspect, you can add some women’s clothing, skin care products or shops; if your website or blog is a baby, can if milk powder, baby clothes and so on, cleverly joined Taobao passenger link, there will be income.

Commission is not the same, from 1.5% to 50%, for example, you recommend a clothing commission rate is 50%, a single price is $100, then you can get a commission of $50!

blog: to promote shopping based Other themes based on Website: C mobile phone resources Daquan

income: This is my income before April 16th screenshot:


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