8.15 electric war with four words review points out the truth


At one time 8.15

electric business, you may feel this seems to be a did not play out of the drama, whether the Jingdong or Suning, seems not to take out, and 8.15 after fifth days, the two sides similar like the intensity at the same time we can not help but suspect that the misfiring of the price war. Since it is a "war", will have a point, but until now there is no a enterprise stand up and explain himself in the price war on the edge, which makes many onlookers also greatly puzzled, following the author of 8.15 electric business review, with their own understanding of the re interpretation of what the price war.

Jingdong and Suning’s purpose is clearly not just profit, is set to kill the opponent, to achieve self

business people know the price war damage to the business and is not trapped in the most serious is the supplier, and is also a basic supplier of Jingdong and Suning competition, if the supplier does not play, then the Jingdong and Suning also have left to live. So since it is so important to their suppliers, Jingdong and Suning will top the huge pressure to a Yuezhan, there must have a reason.

said the first Jingdong in this year, suning.com’s performance can be said to be very good, only the first half of 2012, suning.com achieved sales of 5 billion 280 million yuan more than the results, in 2011 the annual 5 billion 100 million growth is strong, so for the Jingdong that is not a good news, because although 3C digital home appliances and is not a direct collision in recent years, but the Jingdong does not make money on this fact, if want to reverse the profit, so must be involved in higher profit rate in the home appliance industry, Suning and Gome’s market performance has enough color, so this time to take their own weaknesses directly and Suning confrontation is not wise, but Jingdong now need to do is to set up the risk investment confidence, develop in order to increase their capital, so Suning Jingdong in the capital chain tension situation Launched a price war, hope to supply channels themselves not dominated by the large appliance industry to the backlog of each other, forcing the capital chain bleeding, thus making certain development space and market influence.

In contrast,

Suning is looking for a new development way, because after the price war, the Soviet Union has confirmed Ningxin business pricing model, namely the complete online mall can meet the user experience requirements, and online orders, store experience and give consumers a completely different feeling. Yixing feel this recruit more important is the physical stores can also be leveraging greater sales. But this is not the most important, the ultimate goal of Suning is pressing suppliers to put pressure on the Jingdong, in order to improve the pricing of Jingdong, and the Jingdong to allow manufacturers to argue, then Suning to gain control of suppliers.

can be seen from the above before the start of the Jingdong and Suning have apparently reached the incompatible like water and fire point, since the development will have the courage to face the challenge, even if the price war, so after can play.


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